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Updated: May 8, 2021

When we found out the kid's weren't allowed to exchange Valentine's at school (due to Covid), we knew we had to step in and make it a Valentine's Day to remember! We decided to throw a decked out mom + daughter ONLY Valentine's party with food, drinks, decor and activities!

valentines party decorations in living room, red white and pink balloons, balloon arch, gold fringe backdrop, love signs, valentine boxes

We made the day a little more exciting by requiring everyone (moms included) to come in their best valentines attire. The girls really enjoyed an excuse to go shopping for some fancy dresses, accessories and shoes! This was also a great opportunity to spend some extra 1:1 alone time with our daughters - lunch and shopping made for some very happy gals.

We had the girls make a Valentine's to pass out to each other. Each girl had a special box with their name on it where their Valentine's were placed. They were so excited to go through the boxes later on in the party!

personalized valentine boxes, white pennant banner and valentine gifts at valentine party

Food for parties doesn't always have to be extravagant or expensive. We focused on dessert for this particular party (Valentine's is one of the only days you can get away with eating sweets all day, right?!) All desserts were gluten free, so everyone could indulge, and made by Kayla's Kitchen of Mount Joy, PA. The rest of the smorgasbord was full of easy finger foods with a touch of Valentine's like these heart shaped turkey sandwiches!

valentine party dessert bar with cake pops, mini cupcakes, candy, brownie bites and chocolate covered pretzels

Drinks were a-flowing - almost as much as the kids sugar highs, complete with non-alcoholic cupid floats and strawberry champagne margaritas for the Mom's.

We topped the day off with some fun activities, including sugar cookie decorating (also provided by Kayla's Kitchen, a classic game of MASH (nostalgia, anyone?! Who else married JTT, Devon Sawa and Nick Carter way back when?) and a collaborative canvas painting where each girl painted a part of a heart, that when connected made one large heart!

This day was so fun, so fulfilling and a great way to spend some one on one time with our little ladies. What was a spur of the moment attempt to make up for so much loss, has officially turned into an annual mother/daughter date day!



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