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Updated: Mar 14, 2022

We love to think outside of the box and with that thought in mind, "unboxed gifts" have become a fast favorite for us. We thought it would be beneficial to show you in this post some of our favorite ideas for gifting those you love. This time around we are leaving the element of surprise out and exposing those thoughtful and creative gifts on display for all to see.

We don't want to confuse you, we still love a well crafted and thought-out gift experience that requires creativity from the card down to the wrapping paper, bows and tissue. However focusing on a bundle experience all contained in a unique basket or open container excites us just as much and we wanted to feature a few below.

Follow along with us as we take you through a few of the themed unboxed gifts we have created!


Finding that one gift for a new home owner can be overwhelming. Try finding a few smaller items that match the new houses decor or style!

A housewarming themed unboxed gift basket filled with a blanket, a slate cutting board, a Joanna Gaines book, a box of wine, a plant and a small decorative canister. All of the housewarming gifts are places in a white wire basket instead of the usual gift bag.

Example Items for House Warming Gift:

  • Wire/Wooden Basket to contain everything

  • Wooden Block Sign "Thankful Grateful Blessed"

  • Home Body Hard Cover Book by Joanna Gaines

  • Decorative container with Bird on top

  • Blanket/Throw

  • Faux house plant and marble container

  • Cheese Cutting Board

  • Veuve Clicquot Champagne

The contents of a house warming unboxed gift basket laid out on display. A slate and wood cheese board, a box of champagne, a Joanna Gaines Home Body Book, a throw blanket, a decorative canister, a faux house plant, a card and a wood and white wire basket.


Have a friend that is under the weather? How exciting to drop this on their doorstep as a surprise to brighten their day! Try including items that will help them feel better, while also adding pops of color + fun!

A get well themed unboxed gift basket filled with a white mug, hot tea bags, honey, lemons, a blanket, Emergen-C packets, Sun Bum chapstick, a house plant and a pineapple. All of the contents of the get well gift basket are placed in a natural basket.

Example Items for Get Better Gift:

  • Rattan Basket to hold everything

  • Tea

  • Honey

  • Lemons

  • Mugs

  • Faux House Plant

  • Vitamin C Supplement

  • Norwex House Cleaning Cloth

  • SunBum Chapstick

  • Bath and Body Works Handwash

  • Fresh Pineapple

The contents of a get well gift basket pulled out and displayed. The sunshine themed box includes a box of hot tea, a jar of honey, white mugs, a bowl of lemons,  a Norwex cleaning cloth, Sun Bum and Sun Bum  Chapstick.


We are obsessed with this basket idea for fall!! Surprise a friend or loved one with all the soft and cozy things that will keep them warm and relaxed during the Autumn season!

A cozy themed unboxed gift basket filled with a blanket, an aerie gift card, a candle, a scarf, a coffee mug, a Magnolia Journal. All of the contents of a cozy gift basket are placed in a wire basket.

Example Items for Cozy Basket:

  • Wire Wooden Basket to hold everything with decorative twine rope

  • Black and White Scarf

  • Neutral Color Throw Blanket

  • Coffee

  • Tea

  • Candle

  • Slipper Socks

  • Mug

  • Magazine

  • Gift Card to Aerie


As Mothers ourselves, we fell in love with this one. Finding modern and beautiful fall themed items was a breeze and ALL things that moms will actually use/wear!

Contents of a Mother's Day unboxed gift tote spread out and displayed. The contents of the Mothers Day tote include a sweatshirt, t-shirt, a journal, chapstick, candle, coffee mug and a tote which are all 'mom themed.

Mother's Day Tote Feature items:

  • Cute Tote Bag to Contain Everything

  • "Tough as a Mother" Sweatshirt

  • "Love Your Mother" T shirt

  • Super Mom Mug

  • Candle

  • Note pad

  • Bath bomb


What's better than an already thought-through dinner dropped on your porch! Take the guess work out of meal planning for someone you care about....and don't forget to include the wine for an extra relaxing dinner :)

A complete dinner unboxed gift basket idea to make spaghetti. A strainer is the gift basket and it holds spaghetti sauce, fresh basil, fresh ciabatta bread, spaghetti noodles, a bottle of oil and a bottle of wine.

Example Dinner Items:

  • Cute Strainer to contain everything

  • Pasta

  • Pasta Sauce

  • Red Wine

  • Fresh basil

  • Fresh crusty bread

  • Olive Oil for bread dipping


This might be one of our favorites!! Before heading to the beach this year we created the ultimate beach activity gift basket to keep all 9 of our children busy during the day AND evenings! They LOVED it!

The ultimate unboxed beach gift is a giant plastic tub which contains large sand shovels and other sand toys, lots of puzzles and indoor games, jewelry making kits and lots of candy.  A giant sign is placed in front of the unboxed beach gift that says 'Welcome to the Beach'

Ultimate Beach Gifts:

  • All the Sand Toys

  • Games

  • Puzzles

  • Candy

  • Jewelry Making Kit

  • Tattoo Pens and Stencils

  • Personalized Shark Teeth Container

  • Volleyball Net and Ball


Halloween isn't just for the kids! Gift an adult a boozy, fun-filled basket that's themed towards the spooky holiday!

An unboxed Halloween gift basket for adults. A trick or treat basket is used to hold everything. Inside the basket is a Halloween themed towel, Hocus Pocus note pads, Halloween napkins and other Halloween themed treats

Example Items for Halloween "Boo Bucket"

  • Decorative Metal Halloween Bucket

  • Candle

  • Coffee

  • Decorative Napkins

  • Tea Towels

  • Note Pad and Pens

  • Fall Flavored Soap

  • Mini Shot Bottles

The contents of the Halloween themed unboxed gift basket displayed on a wooden tray. A Hocus Pocus themed note pad, mini shot bottles, fall ground coffee, Halloween themed kitchen towels, Halloween napkins and a Halloween candle.

There are TONS of other themes that could be created in a similar open gift style. If you give this a try we want to hear all of the details! Comment below!!

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