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We gather A LOT with our Jasmine ladies and are always looking for new activities or ideas to do together! We came across this decor swap idea on Pinterest and just had to try it out with our crew!

A variety of decor pieces displayed on a large kitchen island and stools, staged for a trash to treasure party. The décor includes baskets, pillows, walls signs, candles sticks and a lamp.

Most times, we always have a pile of items for garage sale day. They generally are in great shape and still stylish, however, we just simply get tired of looking at them.

How many of you have picture frames, wall hangings, furniture, accent pieces, etc., just stashed away collecting dust? Maybe you brought it home and it didn’t “work” and then you can’t return it. So many reasons for it to go to a good home right?!?! We all love each other’s style and taste so this idea was perfect for our group. It's a chance to get rid of items we don’t use, AND get to shop your friends’ stash which is NEW to YOU in the process.

Here is the concept:

  • Bring 2 old decor items. We chose 2 basically because it is better than 1!

  • Items must be valued over $10 each

  • Items must be in line with current trends, nothing outdated (you don’t want crap from the 80's haha)

As your guests are bringing in their items, style them on a large table, or a big space for all to see. If you have a lot of guests, adding some tiers to the table (boxes, crates, etc) will help your items to visibly be seen easier!

Our gals pre-shopped the items ½ hour before the party so they could look everything over and get excited for what items they wanted. We also had some mini iced coffees and cookies for refreshments as they shopped.

At shopping time, we had everyone pick a number out of a bowl...this is the order in which they would select their items from the table.

After the first person has selected their item, the second person would go...this person can pick from the table -or- they can choose to STEAL from a friend. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?? Christmas time fun...Sneaky Santa, White Elephant, etc. a similar concept, just a different time of year, and you don’t have to BUY anything new.

When the last item has been removed from the table, shopping is over! And guess what, you get to spend a great night with your friends, why...just because, and you walk away with new decor items for your home!!! Win win in our book!

Have fun shopping!

A look at all of the décor displayed for the trash to treasure party. Different wall décor, small furniture, baskets and accent pieces were all used.

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