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Updated: Mar 13, 2022

We love a good fun cocktail recipe on here on Jasmine! It’s so fun to try new liquors and experiment with new flavors. That is the best part of these Toast to Tuesdays, we get to be creative and come up with drinks we have never tried before. We also love adding a twist to some of our favorite classics to create something new (or at least new to us). With all that being said, we still do have our tried and true favorites, or usual go-to drink. One of those usual's is vodka, club soda and a squeeze of fresh lime. It’s simple, quick, light on the calories and only requires a couple ingredients that we always have on hand. That has never been featured because, well, there’s just not much to it! We thought it would be fun to do something similar to a favorite of ours but with a fun twist that’s a little bit unexpected and that’s when we came across the Salty Dog.

A cocktail called The Salty Dog served served in a short stemmed glass with a sliced grapefruit and pink flower as a garnish. Grapefruits and limes are placed around the cocktail

The Salty Dog is a simple, light and refreshing drink just like our vodka soda go to. It’s a vodka-based drink, with fresh grapefruit juice and lime club soda, and don’t forget the salt rim! Without a salt rim why would it be called the Salty Dog? It creates this beautiful light pink drink; the grapefruit adds a little bit of tartness which makes this drink a really fun drink for the warmer months.

We will give you the measurements to create one drink, however this would be easy to double or triple if you’re having friends over! If creating more than one drink, we would recommend using a small pitcher to add all of the ingredients, multiply the ingredients by however many drinks you would like to make. Line up the amount of glasses you need, salt them all, fill them all with ice and then pour the drink into each glass. This way is much more efficient than creating each drink individually. Make sure to serve this in a shorter glass such as a rocks glass, or even a stemless wine glass. The larger the glass the more club soda you will need and then the already light flavor will get muted (no Bueno!)

  • 3oz Vodka

  • 6oz fresh grapefruit juice

  • 6oz club soda (either lime or grapefruit works best!)

  • 2/3oz lime juice (about ½ of a fresh lime)

  • Coarse sea salt or pink Himalayan salt

Ingredients to create The Salty Dog, fresh grapefruit juice, Vodka, lime club soda, fresh grapefruits and limes, pink Himalayan salt.

  1. Rub a lime wedge along the edge of a glass

  2. Pour the salt onto a plate, turn the glass upside down and dip the edge of the glass into the salt. Keep going until the entire edge is coated in salt.

  3. Fill the glass with ice

  4. Add the vodka, grapefruit juice, club soda and lime

  5. Garnish the glass with a grapefruit wedge and enjoy!

The Salty Dog cocktail garnished with a grapefruit wedge and flower with a salted rim. Sliced grapefruits and limes are placed around the bottom of the glass along with pink tropical flowers

This is such a simple and straight forward recipe, but it can be adapted to your tastes. It is fairly light and tart when served with lime club soda, which is what we used, if you wanted it just a tad sweeter and to have a little bit more flavor you could use grapefruit club soda. This will punch up the flavor just a little bit but won’t add to the low-calorie count that makes this drink desirable! If you prefer a sweeter drink all around, we suggest switching out the regular vodka for vanilla vodka. We have given this a try and really enjoyed it! The sweetness isn’t overpowering, it’s just enough that it counterbalances the tartness of the grapefruit, so that is another great option if you prefer a drink that is just still light and refreshing but a nice balance of sweet and tart.

The Salty Dog cocktail served in a large snifter glass with a grapefruit wedge and a flower placed on the salted rim as a garnish.

When creating our version of this drink we decided to go with coarse Pink Himalayan Salt to line the rim of the glass. The cocktail turned out so pretty with the light pink color of the drink and the pink salt along the rim. We didn’t notice a difference in taste either, it just balances out the tartness of the grapefruit, similar to how the salt balances out the tartness of a margarita. Don’t forget to add the grapefruit wedge as a garnish… pink on pink on pink!

Give the Salty Dog a try and let us know what you think! Would you prefer the original or would you rather give it a little twist by either switching the club soda flavor or even the vodka flavor? Let us know!

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