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Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Call me old fashioned but I love a good stiff drink, a classic, you guessed it an Old Fashioned. The secret to making this drink is using quality ingredients. A good whiskey or bourbon, quality bitters and most will tell you they prefer a simple syrup to sugar for a better drinking experience.

Classic cocktail bourbon old fashioned with ingredients


  • 2 teaspoons simple syrup

  • 1 teaspoon water

  • 2-3 dashes bitters

  • 1.5 oz. Bourbon Whiskey or Rye Whiskey

  • 1 orange slice

  • 1-2 cherry

  • 1 large ice ball


  1. Muddle orange slice and cherry in a glass

  2. Add simple syrup, water and bitters to glass

  3. Stir to combine

  4. Add ice ball

  5. Pour Bourbon over ice

  6. Garnish with orange peel and cherry

Classic cocktail bourbon old fashioned with ingredients, bulleit bourbon, bitters and orange garnish

A simple classic cocktail that tastes as good as you look holding it! Hope you enjoy one tonight or on a Tuesday with us! Cheers!

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