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Updated: Jun 26, 2021

We are teetering on the edge of summer so what better way to usher in the sizzling season than some fun in the sun!

A drink station with a lime green polka dot cover, a colorful blow up pool used as a cooler for drinks, Hippie Juice in a canister and pink flamingo cups.  A streamer backdrop was used and a bright balloon arch with Bright pink, light pink, tiffany blue, yellow and green.

We hosted our Summer Bash on our block and what a blast it was. We'll give you some tips on what makes for the perfect toast to summer. GAMES, FOOD, DRINK & FRIENDS!!

With Green Polka Dot and plain apple green linens and Pink table runners we kept things loud and fun. We found these flamingo & pineapple decorative lights for display on the tables that added those extra layers that we love. Backyards can also be a little may have some areas you'd like to hide. We turned this shed into a beautiful backdrop to our beverage station using some white linens, and bright balloon arch. When you host a BBQ less is always more but some added layers of colors can really pop and make a huge difference from blah to BASH!

GAMES When it comes to a party, games will for sure keep things moving and people excited. Especially with our competitive crew! Tuesday on Jasmine teamed up with Bottle Bash, since it was appropriate for a summer bash and were set to host a tournament....turns out the weather had different plans for us. We made a quick switch of our day to avoid the rain, but that meant we lost a few of our teams. We still had fun playing as this has always been a favorite at our events and was made a little sweeter to be able to team up with them. We couldn't be happier with our collaboration, and are really looking forward to hosting the full tournament later this summer, stay tuned for that!

We also wanted the kids to have their own fun party area! We purchased this HUGEEEE flamingo sprinkler from Amazon and it was a HIT and it matched the party!

A huge blow up flamingo sprinkler for the kids to play during the welcome to summer party

FOOD Let's be honest, food can make or break an event. We chose to keep things simple and in a nod to the classic backyard BBQ we grilled hamburgers, hot dogs. Added in a few classic sides and voila dinner is served. No reason to go super fancy when everyone is outside and running around. Dessert however is a big deal for us. Who among us does not like chocolate and cool whip?? And honestly we love the way a Trifle looks on a table display so a Chocolate Trifle was the centerpiece of our desserts. Of course a few other treats were necessary all the usual pops, cookies, etc.

The summer party food table with hamburgers, pasta salad, a fruit display featuring a pineapple palm tree with the party accents of green and pink throughout
The food table for the welcome to summer party with a veggie platter, burger toppings, potato salad and chips and salsa all set on a green polka dot table cloth

DRINK If you are looking for a delicious and fun summer drink no need to look further, give Hippie Juice a try! I promise you will not be disappointed. A combination of Watermelon Vodka, Malibu Rum, Triple Sec, Pink Lemonade and any fruit you have to throw in it is a delightful summer drink. Served in our festive Flamingo Mason Jars with a matching flamingo straw these were a hit! Check out the full recipe HERE!

The featured drink of the Summer Bash party was Hippie Juice which was served in pink flamingo mason jars with flamingo paper straws

In addition to the signature party cocktail, we had an awesome selection of beer and seltzers! AND our favorite summer party shot - Pink Whitney! So delicious and refreshing. We love that there is no need for mixing or adding other ingredients, just chill over some ice and cheers!!

And most importantly....FRIENDS Our guest list is always Jasmine strong, all of the Gems, Gents and littles (I mean with 19 of us total it's a good start) but there are always a few extras here and there, depending on which house you are at, you will usually know the extras. We are super welcoming on Jasmine and love our extras like we love our own.

A group photo of the Tuesday on Jasmine crew

Now grab your best group of friends, some good food, drinks and games and get partying!!




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