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Updated: Mar 13, 2022

When thinking of staples in an Irish meal, potatoes certainly cannot be overlooked. So we could not think of a more appropriate holiday to use for our potato stamp craft! Using a potato to make a stamp is a fun, cost effective activity for you to do with the kiddos, and a great way to get creative!

We chose to go with a St. Patty's Day theme for our stamps, but obviously you can use any shape or theme for this craft, which makes it super versatile. Use the stamp to decorate a tablecloth, napkins, gift wrap, greeting cards, decor and countless other items!


Since we are talking so much about potatoes, did you know:

  • The largest potato ever grown was just touch under 11 pounds.

  • The potato was the very first vegetable to be grown in space, the process started in 1995 but wasn't until 10 years later that the growing technique was perfected.

  • If stored correctly in complete darkness your spud will be good to eat for 6 months or possibly even longer.

Sorry we went off on a bit of a potato tangent there, you'd be surprised what we research when doing a craft or a blog post :)


Back to our craft...with a bit of supervision, depending on the age of your kids, this is definitely a kid friendly and appropriate craft. You will be using knives and/or cutting tools, so please keep an eye on the younger kiddos. Checkout everything needed + directions below:


  • Knife

  • Pencil or marker

  • Paper plate - for paint

  1. Cut the potato straight across the center with a knife.

  2. Draw shape on the potato - take your pencil or pen and draw your desired shape onto the potato.

  3. Cut around your stencil - cut around your stencil with your kitchen knife, be sure to leave the design so it is a raised surface that can be used for stamping.

  4. Dip potato in paint - place paint onto paper plate and dip the potato in the paint, you will want to make sure that the paint evenly covers the surface of the stamp.

  5. Get creative - stamp your heart out.

A few helpful tips and suggestions:

  • You will want to cut your potato close to crafting time so the potatoes do not dry out - the stamp will get distorted. Once cut, you can soak the potatoes stamp side down in water. Worked well to keep them from rotting (be sure to remove from water in advance and blot/allow to air dry before use)!

  • If you have small cookie cutters, these can also be used to make a shape in your potato. All you have to do is push the cookie cutter into the potato and cut around it with your kitchen knife! Pretty simple way to make some designs!

  • Using a serrated knife will give you a textured surface to your stamp.

  • We used paper plates for the paint for two reasons, first and usually the most important reason: when working with 9 kids, EASY CLEAN-UP. Secondly, to blot our stampers. If you have too much paint on your stamp it may slip when you stamp your design. To help this you can stamp your potato onto the paper plate a time or two to get rid of excess paint. You should be able to use the stamp a few times before needing to dip your stamp again.

We used our stampers to make a tablecloth, some napkins and and a paper garland, but like we said, the sky is the limit to what they can be used on. Another fun option to keep in mind is that the stamps can be embellished. Consider using some glitter, feather, sequins to add to your designs. Let your kids get creative and make some fun book covers for school (we may have aged ourselves there, do they even use books for school anymore???) hahaha.

Also you are not limited to using potatoes to make your stamps, apples and carrots would make great options as well as other household items. Forks make a nice pattern when stamped, paper towel rolls can be used to make a nice circle as well. Use your imagination, get crafty!

But seriously this is a simple and fun craft to do with the family that you probably have most, if not all of the items on hand without even knowing it. So break out the paint, grab some potatoes and get stamping.

Let us know what you create, we would love to see your designs!

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