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Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Oh My Goodness… It's February 1st! Which means we made it through the month of January, which always seems to be a long and gloomy month after all the fun hustle and bustle that December brings. It also means we are officially done with dry January! Woo Hoo, we did it and our livers are thanking us! Seriously though, dry January wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be, we were able to get creative and come up with some fun non-alcoholic drinks, we always love getting a chance to step out of the box and try new things! They were so good in fact, that we will definitely be remaking them! From smoothies to sparkling drinks, we all enjoyed the fun non-alcoholic drinks that were featured last month (and seriously guys, our livers enjoyed the break after an intense holiday season🤣) However, we are very excited to get back to our regularly scheduled Toast to Tuesday!

A stemless fluted glass filled with the Sparkling Cosmopolitan, garnished with a lime. Fresh limes are placed around the glass which is sitting on a wooden counter.

Which brings us to this week’s cocktail... a Sparkling Cosmopolitan. We love adding a little twist to our favorite cocktails. We don’t agree with thought process of if you like something why change it. Change it and tweak it, it never hurts to try something new! We’ve done other twists of the Cosmopolitan, take a look back at 2 delicious versions we have done in past, the Winter White Cosmo and the White Peach Cosmo! Both of these are amazingly delicious, as is the original, so why not try another version! We have seen the Sparkling Cosmo done a couple of different ways in the Pinterest world, by adding club soda or even a hard seltzer to the original Cosmo; which made us think... why not add Champagne? Everything is better with Champagne right?! For us, that answer is…. HECK YEA!

The Sparkling Cosmopolitan in a stemless fluted glass with a lime garnish, sitting in front of the ingredients used to create it; cranberry juice, champagne, Grande Marnier and vodka.

This cocktail is so easy to make! And it uses some pretty typical liquors, so more than likely you will have most, if not everything already on hand. This cocktail is really just two parts, it’s a cosmopolitan and then you top it with some champagne…. Super simple! Here on Jasmine, Cosmo’s are a staple, so we can create it from memory. But for our friends that don’t typically create this cocktail, here is the ingredients and directions for creating the Sparkling Cosmopolitan.


  • 1.5oz Vodka

  • .75oz Cointreau ( we substituted Grande Marnier, or you could use Triple Sec)

  • .5oz fresh lime juice

  • .5oz cranberry juice

  • 2oz champagne (more or less to taste)


  1. Put ice into a cocktail shaker

  2. Pour Vodka, Cointreau, lime juice and cranberry juice into the shaker


  4. Pour the Cosmopolitan into a champagne glass or stemless wine glass

  5. Top with Champagne

  6. Garnish with a lime and ENJOY!

TIP- When you add the champagne to your fluted glass make sure to pour the champagne slowly and tilt your glass while pouring to prevent it from bubbling over and creating a giant mess (and wasting champagne which is a major NO-NO!)

You will notice we used Prosecco instead of Champagne, either will work great, it’s just a matter of personal preference. We love the flavor and the little bit of sweetness that the prosecco gives, but if you prefer champagne, then definitely use that! We also switched up the use of Cointreau for Grande Marnier, these ingredients are mostly interchangeable as well (same goes for Triple Sec) They are all orange flavored liquors, and since this drink has a lot of other flavors going on (lime, cranberry and the bubbles from the prosecco), it would be very hard to tell which orange liqueur you used. It just boils down to personal preference, or in our case, what we had on hand!

A stemless champagne flute filled with a Cosmopolitan and being topped with Champagne. Fresh limes are on the counter around the glass.

The original Cosmopolitan is a classic and staple for a reason, and we love it! (we have a great recipe for it here). It is always in our rotation during the warmer months. When we get a chance to gather together and sit on the back deck and relax in the sun! Nothing is better (especially right now since is February and we haven’t seen the sun in what feels like forever!) It’s light and refreshing, with just the right amount of sweetness from the cranberry juice which is then balanced by the tartness that the lime gives. You really can’t go wrong with the original. However, if you're up to trying something a little different, give this Sparkling Cosmopolitan a try!

Let us know below what you think! Do you prefer the smoothness of the original Cosmo or do you love the addition of the bubbles from the Champagne? We love both and think they each have a place! The original is a favorite summer staple for us here on Jasmine, but the Sparkling Cosmo is the perfect drink to cheers to when you gather with friends, the champagne makes it feel a little more special!

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