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Updated: May 4, 2021

Need an excuse to gather with your closest friends? Have everyone whip up their favorite soup recipe and host a soup dinner!

Soup Potluck with a variety of pots of soups and toppings, decorated and staged with chalkboard name plates and a variety of decorative bowls

It's no secret we enjoy each other's company! We love to have a random dinner together here and there to unwind and take some of the dreaded "what's for dinner" load off of one another! Soup is filling, easy, and a great go to for a pot-luck style dinner! There is bound to be something for everyone - even the pickiest eaters, who are sure to gobble up the fun toppings!

We had four soups on the menu, which consisted of:

Click on each soup above to check out the recipes we used.

Soup Potluck Party featuring Zucchini Potato, Stuffed Pepper, Pepperjack Tomato and White Chicken Chili

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