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Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Let's hang out...and party like Sloths! For this celebration the birthday girl requested a Sloth themed party. With touches of gold and leafy greens as the color scheme and adorable sloths everywhere, this party was a roaring success! Add in some sweet treats and you've got yourself a house full of happy hanging kiddos.

sloth birthday party decorations, including a sloth balloon, green white and gold balloon arch set up in a living room

Who would have thought we would be throwing a birthday party themed around SLOTHS?! But when one of our little ladies asked for this theme for her 8th birthday, we knew we had to do it right! Much to our surprise, there were a ton of sloth options to choose from between Amazon and Target - which made decorating a breeze.

The color scheme for this party was similar to a jungle theme - many tones of leafy greens mixed with gold and some white to brighten things up. We used one of our favorite decorations - a Balloon Arch (from Amazon) in these colors that helped to set the tone and could be seen from all angles of the party! If you've seen balloon arches, but have never given them a try at your own party, we SWEAR you can do it! These usually come in easy-to-assemble kits: 1. Blow up the balloons...2. Attach them to the provided plastic garland...3. Hang in a spot that will become the centerpiece for the party! It's that easy!

sloth birthday party balloons in white green and gold

The kits usually come with a large amount of balloons...and yes, it does take some time/effort to blow them up. We usually have a hangout night here in the neighborhood where we have a few drinks and chat while blowing them up :) However, it's totally worth it once everything is together...PLUS we get an extra hangout night!

Once the birthday girl saw these HUGE sloth balloons from target, she knew she needed them to complete the party look. We hung them in the corners of the room/balloon arch to make it look like they were hanging around in the jungle. Such a simple added element, but they really wowed the kiddos!

sloth shaped balloon on wall for birthday party

The birthday girl received this 15" Stuffed Sloth as a present, which doubled as a great piece of party decor! Check him out below holding one of the party favors - a sloth plastic cup with some bright candy inside and a lollipop for an added pop of color! We placed him on top of a cake stand to add some extra dramatic height. As always, we pull these extra decor pieces from our houses/past parties to cut down on party costs and add some extra depth!

The cake and cupcakes were pretty simple, but perfectly themed. These were ordered from a baker in our neighborhood - Sparks Bakery! It's so nice to order and have everything delivered directly to your door - especially while in the middle of decorating for a party! if you don't know a baker in your local area/neighborhood, try reaching out on your community Facebook page. It's amazing how many talented people you will find nearby! We ordered a plain white cake, placed it on top of a cake stand and added the finishing touches to match the party: some artificial ivy and a homemade pennant banner with the birthday girls name!

The pennant banner was super easy to make and the birthday girl loved that it had her name on it. Here's how we did it:

  1. Print the name letters on the paper of your choice

  2. Cut around each letter to form a triangle shape

  3. Hot glue each letter to a piece of twine

  4. Attach the twine to two skewers and stick into the cake

  5. For a fun added element - we added a second string with a sloth cutout :)

The cupcakes also had a touch of the jungle theme! We simply ordered cupcakes with white icing and added these edible paper leaf toppers!

group of children celebrating 8th birthday with a sloth theme

We certainly had a house full of happy hanging kiddos!! We would love to hear about your sloth themed parties! Tell us about it in the comments below!



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