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Updated: May 29, 2021

A slumber party with (15) 9 year old girls...what were we thinking!? We had to have a plan to ensure there was some sort of organized chaos. Jonnaysa's daughter was torn between a gymnastics party and a slumber party, and we thought why not do both to get that energy out of their systems before they all binge on candy and popcorn and late night chats.

Sleepover themed party with a giant tent for a group of girls made from a pop up tent and sheets to give it sides, cute pendant banner and decorative rug at the entrance to make the tent pretty, along with an schedule of the party's events in sweet blues, pinks and purples. A garment rack of themed pajama shirts in a the party colors of pinks, purples and blues and a bunch of purple fuzzy slippers for all the girls to take home.

We started the night with open gym time at our local Prestige Gymnastics center and had pizza delivered there for the girls to munch on while bouncing around. After 2 hours of fun, it was time to cart the girls back to our home where we had a tent set up and decorated in our basement, with custom matching t-shirts designed by a friend and slippers from our local Target.

We did not set them free just yet...take a look at the schedule that we had pre-planned to keep everyone occupied and entertained. This beautiful sign was done by a local talent, Amy of Chit Chat Designs.

sleepover birthday party sign with activities and times of activities on it

All of the tent decor was pulled from our homes: we used our outdoor pop up canopy tent and dressed it up with flat white sheets and safety pins, colorful flag garland, star lights, rugs and pillows. Plus, more sheets pulled from the linen closet and various couches and beds! The girls loved hanging out and chatting in it!

sleepover birthday party tent with activity sign

This beautiful drip cake made by Bella Manse was as delicious as it was pretty!

pink and blue melt birthday cake with pink happy birthday sign

The girls had a fantastic time, and finished the party in the morning with pancakes and waffles! They were promptly kicked out at 10 am :)



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