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Updated: Sep 21, 2021

What better way to celebrate a birthday than while at the beach?!

shark themed party decorations - blue paper lanterns, a vanilla cupcake topped with a birthday candle atop a shark plate, blue lemonade and a shark straw

While we were on vacation in Topsail, NC one of our little ones turned 8. When trying to come up with a plan for this party, we immediately thought of the ocean and sharks. The theme fit perfectly, since Topsail is a hot spot for finding shark teeth. We spent A LOT of time looking for them during our vacation - once you find one it becomes strangely addicting (our group found over 600 teeth during our stay)!

shark themed party decoration table scape with blue balloons, paper lanterns, happy birthday banner and shark plates

Planning for a birthday party while on vacation is much easier than you would think. Make sure to purchase most of the items in advance. You never know what inventory will look like in the stores around your destination - better to be prepared! We threw everything in a box (that fit easily into our car) and then just pulled it out when we were ready to decorate!

We knew activities wouldn't be necessary for this party since the kids would be playing in the sand and ocean for most of the day (the house we rented sat directly on the beach and the kids had access to the beach at all times of the day - 100% recommend!!). However, we still wanted the birthday girl to feel special with her own themed party, so over-the-top decorations were a MUST!

Blue themed shark party decorations; balloons, shark plates, fringe, happy birthday banner

We set up the party in the dining area of the vacation house, which had a window that looked out to the ocean. What an amazing focal point for a shark party! The windows were flanked with shiny blue fringe curtains and shark balloons. We also blew up large 18" white balloons with helium and placed them on either sides of the fringe to finish off the backdrop. Light blue, navy and white paper lanterns were hung from the ceiling all around the area to enclose the space and add more interest to the top of the windows.

The large balloons were fun, but we wanted to take them to the next level. To make them a statement piece, we added tissue paper tassels in different shades of blue going down the string. It is so simple and inexpensive but makes a huge impact!

Blue dum dum lollipops in bowls and blue fringe decorations

We hit the jackpot with shark party décor at Target! Balloons, straws and plates oh my! But for real... how cute are these?!

Now onto the table and centerpiece! We covered the table with a plain blue table cloth, then used an iridescent table cloth, folded in half, as a runner. The extra pop of shine and color certainly made a statement. We raised the cupcake platter by setting it on top of a clear container and scattered extra paper lanterns on the table for some dimension. Blue Dum Dums and Shark Gummies were also added for quick sugary snacks. The combination of these items made a SHARK-TASTIC table-scape that the kids loved!

birds eye view of shark birthday party tablescape

TIP: Try using different heights on your table or display areas. No worries if you don't have platters of varying heights...just turn over cups, bowls or vases with a flat bottom and set the plates directly on top. As long as the color matches the theme, it will look seamless and add the dimension needed for a show stopping focal point!

White and blue icing was blended together with a knife on top of the cupcakes to create different blue tones. To push the theme even further, we added a large gummy shark to each cake. So yummy!

After all the running around on the beach the kids were thirsty. We finished off our blue theme with Blue Hawaiian Punch in clear glasses. Super simple, but the shark straws made the drinks an adorable hit!

All of these little details made our birthday girl feel super special while on vacation! Have you ever thrown a birthday party while on-the-go?! If so, we want to hear all about it below!



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