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Updated: Jun 14, 2021

We love to turn small moments into memorable ones for the kids! And we won't lie...for ourselves too!

Rainbow colored snacks including Lucky Charms cereal, green snow ball treats and rainbow colored Twizzlers

Saint Patrick's Day is no exception to that! This year we used the Limited Edition Lucky Charms to our advantage and made these delectable popcorn balls with a side of lucky charms (in a fancy glass!) topped with a piece of rainbow candy! It's easy to make something so simple that you would normally serve for breakfast into something fun just by easily placing it into a different serving piece!

On the menu for the adults were some shamrock eggs with a green smoothie on the side! Don't be fooled by the photo - these are incredibly easy to pull off!

Shamrock eggs, which are over easy eggs in a green bell pepper ring and clovers as a garnish

The kids painted some Saint Patty's day themed rocks with POSCA pens. This is a great activity for any gender, party, rainy day, or for a boredom buster! Let their creativity flow! We are always impressed with what they come up with!

A kid painting a rainbow on a rock with POSCA paint pens

We ended the day with some adult time while the kids played and sipped on one of our favorite beverages, the Mini Beers! You can find out how to make them HERE!

a tray of the shot 'mini beers' in a beer bug shot glass with clovers as a garnish

We love making memories on a budget AND have a great time with the kids doing so. We would love to hear the ways you and your family like to make small moments into memorable ones!



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