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Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Ahh...the homestretch of summer, the last few blissful weeks before life becomes a rigorous schedule again - and that wonderful point of summer where the kiddos are starting to get bored! We are always looking for ways to keep our crew engaged and entertained during the summer months. This is an easy and affordable summer craft that works for all ages and genders. Even our teens got in on the fun!

personalized tie dyed beach towels laying out on a lawn.

Our kids love tie-dying and this version of SPRAY dying makes it EVEN easier. The kids also loved trying something new and were wowed by seeing their names on a beach towels they could take home!



  • Using the duct tape, add the name of each child to the towel. These will be boxy - that is okay! They aren't meant to look perfect - it was hard telling our OCD that :)

A white towel with black duck tape placed on it to spell out a name
  • Lay your towel out flat (on a covered surface or on the grass) and begin to spray the towel with the spray dye in the pattern you are looking to achieve. *Note - you want to make sure you are using spray bottles for the tie dye. Traditional tie dye would not work with the duck tape - and this allows them to create more of an ombré effect!*

  • **Optional** If you aren't using a thin towel, the colors may not transfer the entire way through the towel. In this case, you can flip it over and repeat step two on the back side of the towel.

A personalized tie dye beach towel in a variety of bright colors.
  • Let towels air dry

  • Once both sides are dry, you can remove the duct tape, throw the towels in the washer and rinse with cold water. Some of the colors may run, that's okay!

We recommend washing and drying your towels separately from other garments for the first couple of washes!

All of the kids holding up their finished towels, which were personalized using duck tape and then sprayed with fabric paint to give a tie dyed look.

The kids loved making these towels! This could also double as a take home party favor for a summer birthday! We would love to see your creations if you try this! Drop them below in the comments!

The kids holding up their finished tie dye towels which were personalized with each of their names.

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