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Welcome back for another round of Toast to Tuesday! We are so excited about this one! The Orange Creamsicle Martini... did your jaw just hit the floor?! Because we definitely did a happy dance when we came across delicious concoction! As with most of our cocktail recipes we try to make them as light and low in calories as possible while keeping all of the flavor, so even though this martini is based off of an orange creamsicle there is no cream in sight!

An Orange Creamsicle Martini with an orange twist as a garnish

This martini gives us all of the nostalgia. Did anyone else spend their childhood summers enjoying orange creamsicle ice cream? Whether it was the ice cream truck that drove through the neighborhood blaring that obnoxious music (that gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day) or the local carnival with all games, rides and giant prizes - orange creamsicle ice cream popsicles were always a go-to dessert. They are sweet and creamy without being too much! That is something that is hard to come by when you are caving into your sweet tooth.

An orange creamsicle martini with an orange twist garnish sitting on a wooden cutting board with halved oranges around the bottom

When creating this drink, the first thing we knew was that we wanted it to be a martini instead of a normal cocktail. For sweet drinks, we typically prefer martinis. We love when you can taste a hint of the alcohol which then cuts the sweetness. Also, we just feel fancy drinking out of a martini glass, so why not! haha! After looking up some orange creamsicle cocktails we noticed they were created a variety of ways but a common ingredient was cream. Cream in cocktails is not a deal breaker for us, but we definitely don't love it and didn't think it was necessary. We decided to go super straight forward with the ingredients to start and created a winner right away! Love when that happens!

  • 1.5 oz. Whipped Vodka

  • 1.5 oz. Vodka

  • 1oz. Triple Sec (or other orange liqueur)

  • 1 oz. Orange Juice

The orange creamsicle martini placed in front of the ingredients used to create it, whipped vodka, vodka, triple sec and orange juice

  1. Fill your martini shaker with ice.

  2. Add the whipped vodka, vodka, triple sec and orange juice to the martini shaker


  4. Pour the cocktail into a martini glass

  5. Create an orange twist as a garnish: Simply cut an orange into slices, creating one very narrow slice, cut the peel off of the orange, tightly twist it and pull. Place your orange twist onto the edge of the martini glass.

  6. Enjoy!

We decided to use both whipped vodka and regular vodka for our martini. We like a little bit of sweetness, but for us a little goes a long way. If this recipe has too much vodka taste or isn't sweet enough for your preferences we suggest eliminating the regular vodka and double the amount of whipped vodka you use. This will give you even more of that amazing Orange Creamsicle flavor! You could also easily turn this martini into a cocktail. After shaking your martini shaker, pour it into your glass of choice and top with regular club soda. YUM!! Just as light and delicious, but you can enjoy it with a straw... go all the way with your childhood memories and pop a crazy straw in there!

The orange creamsicle martini placed on a kitchen counter with an orange garnish and halved oranges around the bottom

If you give this martini a try make sure to drop us a comment below, we would love to know what you think! Also take a picture of your Orange Creamsicle Martini and be sure to tag us on Instagram!

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