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Updated: Nov 30, 2021

It's the Holiday Season!! If you thought we loved fall, just wait until you find out how much we love Christmas! The sights, smells and feelings associated with Christmas just fill our hearts with so much happiness and nostalgia!

A table set up for a North Pole breakfast, with a white and red striped table cloth and Grinch themed plates and napkins. Mini white powdered donuts are stacked to look like snowmen, with green pancakes stacked next to them. Next to each place setting is a glass of Grinch Juice with red sprinkles as a garnish on the rim of the glass. White bottle brush Christmas trees are used to decorate the center of the table. Green paper plates are taped in a grid pattern on the back wall to be used as a backdrop, with red hearts placed on a few of them to reference the Grinch movie. A Christmas tree is light with colored lights in the background.

If you have been following us, you know that we started Tuesday on Jasmine because we wanted to showcase how much we love to make small moments memorable for our kiddos. And even though the Holiday season brings so many plans, stress and a ton of last minute running, we make no exceptions in ensuring the kids have memories every year that they will hopefully carry onto their own kids!

Brainstorming one night, we decided we wanted to incorporate a new tradition this year; a North Pole breakfast! This wasn't for anything special - just a morning to make the kiddos smiles a little brighter and really catapult them into the holiday spirit (even though some of us have been singing Christmas carols since August) ☺️.

A table set with a red and white striped table cloth, Grinch themed plates and napkins. Strawberry's, green grapes and mini marshmallows are placed together to look like little Sant';s. Green Pancakes are placed next to the fruit, topped with whipped cream and red heart shaped sprinkles. Tall hurricane glasses are filled with green Grinch juice and topped with red sprinkles as a garnish on the rim of the glass.

We immediately knew we wanted to go with a Grinch theme since it is an absolute classic and a fave on the block! We also wanted it to....gasp....yes....look a little tacky! Because it wouldn't be Dr. Seuss without going over the top would it?!

We designed this entire background using green paper plates and cutting out red hearts using our Cricut machine! If you have a blank wall that you are looking for something to decorate on, we HIGHLY recommend doing a paper plate background! It is SO easy, customizable, and CHEAP- winner winner!!

A kids Christmas table set next to a Christmas tree with green plates taped to the wall behind it to create a fun backdrop. small red paper hearts were placed on a few of the green plates to reference the themed of the party, The Grinch.

We ran with the traditional red and green Christmas colors for the party décor and made sure to incorporate more little Grinch touches throughout the party like these Grinch paper plates and Grinch silverware holders.

The table setting for the North Pole breakfast, with Grinch themed paper plates and napkins. Black plastic silverware is tucked into the Grinch napkin

When planning the menu, we wanted to make sure that we kept it kid friendly, but also made it fun and tie our theme together! In comes all the grinchy food; Grinch pancakes, Grinch Juice, Grinch fruit kabobs and Snowman Donuts! Below we have linked all of the original recipes along with links directly to needed ingredients for each menu item!

GRINCH PANCAKES The original recipe is from Hungry Happenings - we simplified it (got lazy 😉 ) and used boxed pancake mix and white whipped cream!


We found this recipe on Raining Hot Coupons and to cure some Mom guilt of not having anything "healthy" at this breakfast, we knew we had to include these! They're so easy and affordable!


These totally do not even go with the theme but they were so stinking cute we couldn't not include them! Who doesn't love some good old powdered donuts anyway?!


You know we love some signature beverages around here and even for the kiddos! This Grinch punch is so easy to make, and delicious too! We made some small changes to the original recipe found at Crayons and Cravings and eliminated the green sherbert!

A North Pole breakfast is a great idea for a random Saturday surprise, to welcome back those pesky Elves that destroy our homes for a month, or if you're feeling really ambitious - would make a wonderful addition to Christmas morning fun! Will this be a new tradition in your house?! We would love to see pics! Comment them below or tag us in them on social media!

Cheers, XO!

2 girls sitting at a North Pole breakfast in their Christmas pajamas. A backdrop behind them is made out of green paper plates taped to the wall in a grid. Grinch pancakes and Grinch kabobs are on serving plates on the table over a white and red striped table cloth. The girls are cheering with their green Grinch juice

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