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Updated: Aug 9, 2021

We are throwing it back with this one - to a FIRST birthday for our of our little monsters!

A monster themed dessert station with the party's colors of Green, yellow and pink. The green tablecloth with a green and white striped runner. Cupcake stands were used with pink ribbon wrapped around, the cupcakes each have googly eyes place on them to make them look like monsters. The smash cake is placed in the middle of the table with 3 tall googly eyes sticking out of it to go along with the party theme. Cardboard letters that spell ONE are covered in yellow to match the party's colors. A pennant banner is placed above the dessert station in the party colors.

Many of the parties and gatherings you see on our blog are recent events. However, most of the Jasmine ladies have been throwing themed parties for years and this monster themed birthday is no exception! We thought it would be fun to share a party that happened over 8 years ago, but would still feel current in 2021 :)

One of the best parts of planning a first birthday party: Mom and Dad get to pick the theme! We are now throwing parties for our kids (up to teenage years) who have very specific ideas on the type of party, theme, colors, etc. (which we still get excited about) But 8 years ago we picked a theme we thought would be fun and just ran with it! In this case - MONSTERS!

The overall theme of this party came from a hat we were gifted. We thought it had the cutest colors and feel. Looking back, how fun that a whole party was planned from a gift we received. Check out the hat - included on the party invitation below.

The birthday party invitation with the party décor theme of monsters being created from the hat the little girl is wearing. The party colors are used on the birthday invitation, green, yellow and pink.

The hat also helped us pick the colors for the party: pinks, greens and yellows. We were planning this party for a girl, but wanted the colors to still be fun for any boy guests.

We picked a venue that would hold our large guest list. However, it ended up being a little overwhelming to fill the space with decor, while still staying on a budget. Plastic tablecloths ended up being our ticket to adding a lot of color throughout the room. Each round table was covered with a different color tablecloth from the party theme. Simple center pieces were also added using pink and green plastic containers (from the dollar store) filled with a colored tissue paper ball. In total, each table setup cost $3!! You can't beat that price!

A party venue with round tables and bright color tablecloths on each. The party's themed colors of pink, yellow and green were used on each table with the tablecloths and centerpieces.

The main focal point of the party was the cake and cupcake table, which also held some favors and misc decor. We will walk you through each element of the table below - also created on a BUDGET!

A dessert table at a monster themed party. A green tablecloth with yellow cardboard letters that spell out the word ONE. Pennants are placed in front and above the table in the party theme colors of green, yellow, pink and brown. Cupcake stands are placed on each side of the smash cake, with all of them having googly eyes to make the cake and cupcakes look like little monsters. A pink box with lollipops sticking out of it are placed on the sides of the table for guest favors.

  • PENNANT FLAGS These were random pattern printed out and cut into a triangle shape. We also used a Cricut machine to cut out the monster shapes, which were layered onto kraft and other colored paper.

  • SMASH CAKE This was made from scratch by the Mom of the birthday girl. It's definitely easier than you think to create a tiered cake. Three round cakes were stacked with pink icing in between, then the entire cake was covered by piping using a grass piping tip (you can purchase one of these at your local craft store). The eyes on top are simply ping pong balls glued to lollipop sticks :)

  • CUPCAKES We wanted to keep these simple since we were making them all from scratch and needed about 70 cupcakes (sheesh)!! A box cake mix was used, then they were topped with yellow icing. You can create the eyes easily with store bought, black and white fondant. We cut two different sized circles, layered them and placed them on each cupcake to give the feel that each one was looking back at you!

  • O-N-E LETTERS So simple! We went to our local craft store and purchased paper mache letters, then painted them to match the party.

  • LOLLIPOPS How fun are these! They were able to double as party favors for the kids (and adults!). We found them at oriental trading and feel in love.

Honestly, we started sticking eyes where ever we could to incorporate the monster theme without spending too much. Example: even the drink dispensers were looking at our guests!

The drink station of this party with 2 large drink dispensers filled with lemonade and tea. They each have googly eyes and a monster mouth taped to it to make them look like monsters. Water bottles are stacked next to the containers with pink plastic cups next to them; everything is placed on a green table cloth with a green and white runner to match the party color scheme.

The pennants were also used to fill in where ever needed. At this particular venue, there was a pretty long wall full of windows. The pennants were the perfect addition in those - added a little decor without blocking the view!

Pennants hung in the windows in the party colors of pink, green, yellow and brown. With little monsters taped to a few of them to tie into the monster party theme.

The guests were entertained by a monster themed photobooth! Again, these seems detailed, but it was pretty easy to create.

A monster themed photo booth with small monster cut out and placed as a backdrop. Monster mouths on top of wooden sticks are used for the photo booth prop with a sign in the party theme describing the photo booth station. It is places on a pink tablecloth with white dots.

For this one, we simple Googled "monster mouths" and found free printable. We printed them out, glued them to sticks and put them on display in another container from the dollar store! The little sign was added to tell the guests how to take the photo (from a camera on a tripod). Our favorite part was the backdrop! We also broke out the Cricut machine for these little monster shapes. Once we had about 100 of them cutout, we hot glued them to 8" strings of fishing line. Each line was taped to the wall to create the fun background pattern!

A monster themed photo booth station being used with the women holding up the monster mouth photo booth props. The backdrop is small cutouts of monsters hanging vertically in the party colors of pink, yellow, green and brown.

Lastly, We wanted the birthday girl to have a fun keepsake to always remember her first birthday AND wanted the kids at the party to take a monster home with them! We let our creative juices take over and spent some time drawing out some monster shapes on bright colored fabric. From there we put our sewing skills (they are not great, lol) to the test and created plush monsters by sewing together the fabric and stuffing each one with fluff! We ended up with one large monster plush that we had all of the party guests sign and then a few smaller plush monsters that the kids took home as as favor!

We would LOVE to hear from you in the comments below if you try any of these monster themed ideas!!



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