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Updated: May 13, 2021

Run out, buy yourself some Licor 43 & heavy whipping cream and make these adorable shots ASAP! They are just as delicious (and dangerous - don't say we didn't warn you) as they are adorable!

Beer mug shot glasses filled with mini beer shots and topped with green clovers

If you've never heard of Licor 43 prior reading this, let us try to explain the amazing flavors to you....the taste is warm, creamy, and smooth...with flavors of vanilla, hints of cocoa and other spices, sweet fruits, and tangy citrus. It is just delicious.

We were encouraged to try these from a friend and decided to try give them a shot at one of our winter neighborhood gatherings. Unsure of what they would taste like, we immediately deemed these one of the best! They are simple, can be dressed up for any occasion, and go down way too easily! You can find these cute beer pint shot glasses here

Liquor 43 and Heavy whipping cream, the ingredients for Mini Beers on a tray with 4 leaf clovers for a cute St Patrick's day drink


  • Licor 43

  • Heavy whipping cream -OR- Half and Half


  1. Pour Licor 43 into shot glass until 3/4 full

  2. Slowly add the heavy whipping cream (you can also use half&half) to form the "frothy" top

Seriously, try it. You can thank us later :)

a group of Mini Beer shots with the perfect amount of foam on top

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