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Updated: Apr 19, 2022

It's Tuesday again, and you know what that means! We have another new cocktail for you! This week we have the Mexican Mind Eraser cocktail! We are sure you've probably never heard of it, but boy is it a treat!

Did you even know there was such thing as coffee tequila? We certainly didn't! Does it honestly even get better than that? Coffee + tequila are two of our favorite things and adding them together is just the icing on the cake! We were given this bottle of Patron XO Café Coffee tequila as a gift from someone a couple of weeks ago and while it is insanely tasty on it's own, over some ice or as a shooter, we were determined to find a fun cocktail to share with you that uses it! When we came across this recipe on the Patron website, we knew this was the one to share! If you love coffee you are going to want to give this one a try! With hints of coffee, chocolate, and vanilla - the flavors really tend to mask the traditional tequila flavor - so good news id you aren't that big of a tequila fan. Either way, it is definitely worth a try!

The ingredients for the Mexican Mind Eraser cocktail, Patron Café Tequila, Vodka, sparkling water and a lemon,


  • 1 oz. Patron XO Café Coffee Tequila

  • 1 oz. Vodka

  • 1 oz. Topo Chico sparkling water

  • 1 Thick lemon peel for garnish

  • Crushed or pebbled ice


  1. Add the ice to a champagne flute. NOTE - you want the ice to go to the very tippy top of the champagne flute!

  2. Add Patrón XO Cafe, vodka and club soda directly to the champagne flute

  3. Garnish with a thick lemon twist around the entire rim and serve with a straw

You will notice that this recipe calls for using Topo Chico sparkling water. It is said that this type of sparkling water is the "holy grail" and used often by bartenders. Not only has this certain water been drawn from the same source for over 120 years, it is also packed with healthy minerals including sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and manganese! If you're going to drink water every day, you might as well make it healthy water, right? And by adding it to your cocktail that makes it healthy too, right? Meh. Wishful thinking!

Topo Chico can be hard to find - we searched high and low and ended up finding it at our local Wegman's in the Mexican food section. If you can't find it, replacing it with any sparkling mineral water or club soda will suffice just fine - just make sure that it is NOT flavored or yuck this will not turn out the way it is supposed to!

For your lemon garnishment, you want to make sure that you peel your lemon pretty thickly! You will then wrap it into a circle and sit it just inside the rim of your glass. Not only does this provide a beautiful and colorful garnishment, it also keeps your large mount of ice in your champagne flute when you add your straw!

The coffee tequila DOES indeed contain caffeine, so if caffeine tends to keep you awake, this may not be the best nightcap cocktail for you! It would make a fabulous after dinner dessert cocktail or would even be a great addition to your brunch!

If you are looking to try this and seem to be having a hard time locating the Patron Cafe Coffee Tequila, you could give Cazcabel Coffee Tequila a try! They are very similar and sometimes one is easier to find than the other! Not a tequila person? Great - not everyone is! You could easily replace the tequila with your preferred coffee flavored alcohol and still have the same outcome!

This cocktail is full of wonderful flavors and it surely packs a punch! So take it easy there friend and let us know if you gave it a try!

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