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Updated: Feb 19, 2022

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Mardi Gras? Is it all of the colorful masks, the big, beautiful parades, the beads? Or is it the celebration of Fat Tuesday and indulging in all of the fatty foods like king cakes and glazed desserts? For us here on Jasmine it is all of that and more! It's a perfect time to gather with our kids, celebrate the moment with them and create together. It's a fun day filled with memories and laughter (how can you not enjoy the day when it's filled with super sweet treats and bright and colorful accessories)

A table set for Mardi with a purple table cloth and a variety of Mardi Gras masks. Gold and green beaded necklaces are laid across the table.

When throwing a party, it's always best to think about who you are catering the party to. Is it a girls only party, a party for adults or for kids? This Mardi Gras party, for example, we wanted to gear to the kids, which is why we focused on some desserts and a fun craft for them with beads and masks placed around as decoration. If we had decided to throw a Mardi Gras party for the adults, we would have done more with food and beverages, less with crafts, and more wearing of the masks and beads! So little tip (seems obvious but just in case!) no matter what kind of party you throw, understand who you are throwing it for and what would give THEM the most amazing experience!

So, onto our party, Mardi Gras is the celebration of indulging before Lent starts. For Lent, people give up something that they really enjoy, a lot of times that includes some not so great for you foods. So, during Mardi Gras the idea is to spend the day indulging in things that you’re about to give up and celebrate the day before the season of Lent starts. King Cakes are a traditional Mardi Gras treat, but really anything fatty, glazed and delicious food works for this holiday! (Does this sound like a dream to anyone else?🤣 ) We obviously wanted the kids to indulge, however, it's the middle of winter here is Central PA, and with nowhere for the littles to run around after getting them all sugared up (besides the inside our houses, where we are probably running around like crazy trying to get a thousand things done) We decided a little would go a long way (just saving our sanity here). We wanted to stick with the glazed theme that King Cakes offer, so we decided glazed honey buns would be the perfect treat, just enough sugar without them all bouncing off of the walls for the rest of the day!

We didn't throw a huge party for this, as it was mostly a fun gathering for the kids to spend some time together creating Mardi Gras masks, but with a little bit of party décor, we turned a simple craft into a party that they will be sure to remember! Purple, green and gold are the main colors for Mardi Gras so we covered our table with a purple tablecloth, placed the white tray full of glazed honey buns in the middle and then scattered green and gold beaded necklaces all around it. We placed some decorated masks on top of the beads around the table and voila! A simple, quick and cheap way to decorate to give this craft gathering a party vibe.

A table set for a Mardi Gras party with a gold star plate, a plastic cup with Mardi Gras decorations on it. A purple table cloth with gold and green beaded necklaces draped everywhere. A green Mardi Gras mask with glitter and feathers is placed in front of a white tray with glazed treats to celebrate Fat Tuesday.

We hit the jackpot at the Dollar Tree for this party! Everything we used for both table décor and accessories to create the masks were found there! Their decorated mask selection was on point!!

  • green and purple plastic tablecloths

  • green, gold and purple beaded necklaces

  • decorated masks

  • Mardi Gras themed headbands

To create the masks, we took cardstock paper (purple, yellow and green of course), traced out a mask shape (we used the Dollar Tree masks as guides), and cut them out - including the holes for eyes. While the girls were cutting out the masks, we did a change over with the table. We took away the food and all the beaded necklaces to make room for all of the different accessories we would use to decorate the masks.

Craft supplies laid out on a purple table cloth for kids to create Mardi Gras masks

  • feathers

  • pom poms

  • pipe cleaners

  • paint

  • rhinestone stickers

This is where all the fun started! Everyone got a few cut out masks and their own trays of paint (filled with the Mardi Gras colors of course!) and the rest was up to them. They designed, painted, and glued until there little hearts desired! We were so impressed with their creativity and how patient they were to get the look that they were going for. One of the girls spent about 30 minutes patiently putting on rhinestones into a unique pattern (we would have for sure given up!) We loved how unique each mask turned out and how proud they were when everything was dry, and they could actually put the mask on!

TIP: If you’re using rhinestone stickers, the girls found it easier to use tweezers to pick them up and place them accurately.

Here are the final pieces! How adorable are these?

Not every 'party' has to be an all-out extravaganza, what is most important are the memories created from the party. So, it can be as simple as a craft with a few decorations to go along with it and it’s that easy to create the perfect afternoon for your littles without stressing out and spending tons!

What do you do to celebrate Mardi Gras? Indulge in the treats or enjoy a fun costume party with masks and beads? As long as you're making memories and having fun, you can't go wrong!

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