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Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Saint Patty's Day isn't just an adult holiday! Any time we can get the kids involved and excited, we jump at the opportunity! This one took a little brainstorming on just exactly what we could do to get them excited and to change up the typical celebrations they are used to! There was a lot of back and forth and some really grand ideas that we couldn't quite execute and then it clicked!

That is how this years kids' Saint Patrick's Day activity was born - the "dress like a leprechaun" scavenger hunt!

A St Patrick's Day food table with a gold fringe back drop and a rainbow balloon arch. A variety of rainbow themed food is placed on a white table cloth with green clovers stamped on it.

This time of year gets real crazy with spring sports starting up and birthday parties out the wazoo, but we were able to wrangle 6 of the kiddos to participate and when we can do that on a random Saturday in February, it's a win!

Follow along below for all of the details on how we pulled this one off!



The idea was that the kids would essentially become leprechauns as they raced to find their gear to complete their costumes and their pot of gold!

Since it is currently the middle of winter here in Central Pennsylvania (the weather is super unpredictable), we needed something that the kids didn't have to do completely outside, but we also didn't want to limit it to one of our houses and have them running amok all over it searching for different clothing particles!

We decided we would run this a little bit like our Christmas Progressive Party! Instead of each house having one course of a meal, each house held one clothing item and the clue for the house that the kids would travel to next! The funniest part? We made a rule that they could not move on to the next house unless they wore the piece of the costume they just found - it was really great seeing them running up and down the sidewalk wearing facial hair and rainbow shirts. 🤣

The group of kids wearing their Leprechaun outfits after the St Patrick's Day scavenger hunt.



We headed to the Dollar Tree to see what kind of St. Patrick's Day supplies they had! If you don't visit your local Dollar Tree for parties - you should! They have everything from cards to decor, and you are missing out on some really great budget friendly items! We are continually impressed with their holiday selections and their party section always has basic staples that you can re-use$1.25 now! Still, better than a higher priced store! Especially when you're buying for a crowd!

We needed enough leprechaun garb to put one item at each house so we decided on

  1. Rainbow Shirts (to tie in the rainbow)

  2. Headwear - hats or headbands

  3. Neckwear - ties, boas, beads, bowties

  4. Glasses

  5. Moustache/Beards

We then brainstormed up some scavenger hunt clues that included what they were looking for, and a hint about the house they could find it at....these included everything from some birthday trivia to facts about our pets!

directions for the St Patrick's Day scavenger hunt

We started on the sidewalk and read the kids their first clue and they were off! It was so fun to see their wheels turning about what they could possibly be finding and what house they were heading to - we actually stumped them on the one house where we told them to go to the house "where a blind dog lives"....funny fact - the dog is actually deaf, not blind, so apparently we confused ourselves too 😆!

 group of kids gathered together reading the first direction for the St Patrick's Day scavenger hunt.

Each house held one item that would complete their look- House 1 held shirts that were one color of the rainbow for each kid, house 2 held their super cool green mustaches, house 3 held their head attire, house 4 with the neckwear and house 5 held their themed glasses!



A St Patrick's Day themed food table, gold fringe and a rainbow balloon arch is in the background of the table. Rainbow themed food and drinks are placed on the table that has a white table cloth with green clovers stamped on it.

After they had visited four of the five houses, we had one more surprise for them at the last one! There, they would find their "pot of gold" which was a small party complete with Saint Patrick themed snacks and drinks "under the rainbow."

Rainbow themed candy trays and fruit trays are on the white table cloth with green clovers stamped on it, different St Patrick's Day themed trinkets are placed around the table.

We decorated one of our kitchens with a rainbow themed balloon arch that was surrounded by gold and green accents! The kids enjoyed snacking on some St Patty themed foods that consisted of a green snack food charcuterie, some baked goods, a rainbow fruit tray and various rainbow and gold candies! Notice the tablecloth? The kids made that with their very own hands! We love incorporating their creativity into what we do! If you missed that post you can find it HERE with a full tutorial on making your own - we used potatoes! You should check it out!

After all that running we had to quench their thirst and the rainbow water we made for them did just that! This is SO simple and looks so festive once placed in a clear cup - they won't even gripe about drinking their water! All you do is fill some ice cube trays with water and add a couple drops of food coloring to each one! One they're frozen, add them to a glass and fill with water - that's it! A simple yet festive beverage that is easy to make!

It also wouldn't be a Jasmine party without a signature adult beverage would it? Us moms had a delightful Shamrock Mimosa waiting for us at the finish line as well! They were delightfully dangerous and we will absolutely be indulging in them again - even when it isn't St. Patty's!

Shamrock Mimosa's in champagne glasses with mini pot's of gold sitting in front of them and decorative clovers, with a gold fringe in the background


  • Champagne

  • OJ

  • Vodka

  • Blue Curaco


  1. Pour 2oz orange juice into cup

  2. Add .5oz vodka and stir

  3. Top with champagne, make sure to leave some room at the top of the glass

  4. Quickly dump in .5oz of Blue Curaco - this will settle on the bottom of your class creating the green color by mixing with the OJ

The kids wore smiles for the entire duration of this little shindig! We are so blessed that they are still loving the activities we plan for them and truly hope that memories and traditions are being made that they will one day carry on to their own families! This is what we are all about!

If you don't have neighbor's houses to travel to, but you still want to entertain the kiddos and get some really wonderful photos, go for it! Set it up one random afternoon in your house and let them go wild - no need to go all out! Stage a little pot of gold for them at the end of their hunt and you are bound to hear giggles and have smiles with memories of Saint Patty's Day for years to come!

A group of kids decked out as Leprechauns after their St Patrick's Day scavenger hunt standing in front of a rainbow balloon arch and gold fringe

Happy Shenanigans!

PS - we had to share this picture of one of our kitties lookin like the perfect gentleman.....

A cat wearing a green sparkly bow for the St Patrick's Day party

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