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It's another Toast to Tuesday and this time we are featuring a fun drink for our kiddos!

This recipe was found on Amanda's Cookin' while searching the internet for fall inspired drinks and although Candy Corn is not our favorite, it is the quint essential icon of fall treats!

Mason jars full of Candy Corn Punch, a Halloween themed kids drink. The orange drink is topped with whipped marshmallow , Candy Corn and an orange Twizzler. A Halloween Peep is placed on top of the straw. In front of the Halloween kids drink a jar of candy corn and behind the mason jars of Candy Corn punch is a jar of orange Twizzlers and a container of orange paper straws all sitting together on a wooden crate.

This is super easy to make, and we decided to add even more sugar by garnishing with Peeps and using orange licorice as straws!

Halloween themed drink garnishes: ghost and pumpkin peeps, orange licorice, vanilla ice cream and juice

Check out the recipe below. The only thing we changed is mango juice to pineapple mango juice, which we think added even more flavor!



  • Fill your beverage container with ice

  • Pour your orange soda

  • Lay a spoon upside down over the top of your cup and slowly pour the mango juice into your glass to create the layered look

  • Garnish with all things sweet and spooky and serve!

2 mason jars of Candy Corn Punch a Halloween themed kids cocktail which is topped with ice cream, candy corn and an orange Twizzler. Next to the Candy Corn Punch drinks is a jar of candy corn, a container of orange paper straws, and a jar of orange Twizzlers.

NOTE - This recipe makes around 16 - 8 oz glasses

***We decided to make just two drinks which required 1/2 can orange soda, equal parts of Mango Pineapple juice and 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream with candy garnishes for the glass.

Needless to say this drink is so enjoyable and for our sake doesn't taste like Candy Corn..and is KID approved.

A girl drinking the Candy Corn Punch, a Halloween themed kids drink. An orange straw, orange twizzler and ghost peep are in the orange drink that is topped with ice cream and candy corn.

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