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Updated: May 8, 2021

Just when you think we have thought of it all - along comes the Van Party!

Seriously, who holds a birthday party for one of their closest friends inside of a mini-van? Well, we do!

We take an annual camping trip to the beach every summer as a group (19 of us total + more tagging along each year - see our crazy group below). Jonnaysa's birthday always falls on the week that we are there, so we had this wonderful grand idea to completely deck out a pop up canopy for her and surprise her with mimosas and breakfast the morning of her birthday!

Group of people camping

Mother Nature had other plans for us that week. If you remember, in August of 2020, Hurricane Isaias tore up the East Coast wrecking havoc - and we were in the direct path of it - that's right, camping, in tents, on the ground.

We knew we needed to come up with a plan B, and fast. The only thing we could think of was to lay the seats all down in the back of the mini van and go with the flow. We decorated the inside with personal photos of her friends, her beloved cats and little family through the years, we had string lights, lanterns, pennant banners and blankets that most certainly did not match anything :) We even used a plastic tablecloth to divide the front of the van from the back party area so it felt less like a vehicle!

decorated van with gold fringe banner, white pennant banner, white paper lanterns and string lights along the ceiling. A photo collage backdrop with a Happy Birthday chalkboard sign.

Our morning started around 4:00 am with tornado warnings - It continued to pelt us for a good 7 hours longer. Once the worst was over, we opened the back of the van and completely surprised her with probably the most unexpected 'party' she has ever had! We all piled into the van and shared a champagne toast, chocolate cake and the best Hors D'oeuvres a cooler at the beach can hold.

Moral of the story - sometimes the best stories come from completely uncontrollable unexpected moments! They make for one hell of a story and hold memories that last forever! Don't be afraid if you have to completely shift gears!

DISCLAIMER - thankfully, all bodies and most of our property remained safe! To date, this is one of our favorite stories to tell! However, we are unsure we would ever camp through a hurricane again :)



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