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If you’re familiar with us here on Tuesday on Jasmine at all, then you know we love parties! We don’t discriminate, whether it’s an over the top, go all out bash or a small intimate dinner party with friends, we love them all! We love any excuse to throw a party, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we have enormous budgets for our parties. Which brings us to this post where we are going to share some of our tips and tricks for throwing a beautiful party on a budget and we're so confident in our budgeting abilities that were going to go out on a limb and say this is how to throw a party under $100!

A party set up thrown under $100 with a multicolored balloon garland, rainbow foil fans, teal foil fringe curtains. A table is set in the front with a purple table cloth and rainbow 'Happy Birthday' banner on the front.

We have found that there are certain things that are needed for a party look amazing and then there are some things that are awesome and beautiful but definitely not needed if you're on a budget. Check out our party! We came in well under budget!

One of the main things we like to concentrate on when we throw a party is a statement wall. We want our guests to walk in and immediately get into party mode! Once you get the statement wall done the rest sort of falls into place. We chose to do a balloon garland with some bright teal fringe curtains in the background. This is where we spent the majority of our money. The balloons, balloon tape, 2 teal fringe curtains and the rainbow foil fans added up to $24.16!

A balloon garland is definitely a go to for us when we put together a party, it relatively inexpensive and it gives off major WOW! vibes. Here is a past post where we show you exactly how to put one together, super easy, we promise! However, we do have some other statement wall favorites incase you're not up for putting together a balloon garland. We also love doing a fun fringe streamer wall and are falling hard for a paper plate backdrop! Here is some information on each of these so you can decide what kind of statement wall is best for your under $100 party!

  • Balloon arch- this is probably the most dramatic look that we do and it is also the one that takes the most time to create (although we always think it’s worth the time!) We love putting together a balloon garland, we have found tons of options on Amazon, at Walmart and at Michaels. Michaels tends to be our favorite because of their balloon quality, here's a great one! Don't forget your handy dandy balloon pump! It will cut your time in half when you're creating a balloon arch! We love this one. Take a look around your party space and determine where makes the most sense for a feature wall, usually a large wall that you can see right away. If you're wall isn't blank (none of the walls in our houses are) then we suggest getting coordinating plastic table cloths or foil fringe curtains to hang behind the balloon arch to hid your décor. Doing this helps make more walls available to be your statement wall. Hang your tablecloths, get you’re balloon garland put together and hung (check here for a step-by-step guide) and BAM! Fun statement wall complete! This will cost you around $20!

  • Paper plate wall- We love this simple and adorable statement wall. And the ease of it is just crazy! All you need are paper plates and tape.

*TIP: use plates with a fun design or choose plates that coordinate with your color theme. Now all you have to do is fill up your wall with the taped-up paper plates. The key to making this look adorable and not tacky is to make sure the plates are perfectly line up with each other and evenly spaced. Your OCD tendencies might kick into overdrive here! 🤣 That is it… it’s seriously the easiest. The cost will depend on how big of a wall you have and how designer of paper plates you are picking but we found this wall will typically be about $10

  • Fringe streamer wall- This type of statement wall is becoming more and more popular, and we can understand why! It’s such a unique look and super inexpensive to do. It is a little time consuming but always worth it to see your guests faces when they walk in! The great thing about a streamer wall is that you can go as crazy or understated as you would like, use a variety of colors and lengths or don’t! You can’t go wrong with this look. Here is a past post on how to create this look. This look is inexpensive and will vary depending on how many colors you use but typically you’ll spend $15

A multicolored balloon garland with rainbow foil fans layered next to it, behind them is a teal foil fringe curtain.

For the rest of our budget that we allotted for décor we spent on decorating and setting up the buffet table, which we placed in front of the balloon arch. We got plastic tablecloths to cover up the table. (so you don't realize what is underneath, in our case a cubby storage piece!) We then topped that with a show stopping rainbow sequin runner. If you don't want to go all out on your décor and spend crazy amounts, it's key to make sure some of the pieces you get are eye catching, it gives a more show stopping look, when in reality you only have a few extravagant pieces. For us it's the sequins table runner and the balloon arch.

With so much going on above the table, we didn't want the base to be a boring table cloth, so we decided to add a rainbow Happy Birthday banner, we loved that this particular one has mixed fonts! It gives it a much more modern vibe than the traditional ones you see. We also added some fun honeycomb tissue paper balls on the ground, placed on the corners of the buffet, just to add some visual interest to the bottom and we weren't just left with hanging table clothes.

We also bought color coordinating paper plates in both a large size and a dessert size, plastic utensils, paper straws and 'happy birthday' themed napkins. Setting up and decorating the buffet's total came in at $28.80.

A birthday party table set up, a purple table cloth covers the table with a rainbow sequin table runner on top. A teal fringe curtain is against the wall behind the table with a multicolored balloon garland above.

Our complete decorating and set up total comes to $52.96! That leave you a little less than $50 for the rest of the party! Depending on what type of party and who your guest are will depend on where this money should go but here are a few ideas!



Now you can’t throw a party without offering some food or snacks, but you don’t necessarily need to provide a meal. If you choose to throw your party mid-afternoon (after lunch but before dinner) then just having some snacks on hand will be plenty! Same if you choose to throw an evening party, just make sure it is after dinner time and then some light appetizers would be a perfect choice.

This is where you can really save some money, proving a meal (say pizza for a birthday party) can really add up! When deciding what snacks to provide just think about your guest list, a kid's birthday party compared to an evening cocktail party for example will call for different snacks! The way we make a snack table look beautiful and carry on the theme of the party is to make sure all of your platters and serving plates either match or coordinate

*TIP- We love having all white and glass serving trays and platters, keeps the look simple yet elegant and lets your other décor stand out!

Another idea you could do is instead of a snack table create a dessert bar. This is a fun twist that is usually unexpected and always enjoyed! (we’ve never been able to pass up dessert). If you have time to make your own desserts this is a really inexpensive option! Think chocolate chip cookies, mini cupcakes, mini cheesecakes, chocolate peanut butter balls the options are endless and delightful with a dessert bar! So have fun when creating the menu and enjoy!



This seems like a no brainer to our group but thought we should include it for good measure! Whenever we have a party or gathering (seriously, it could be that one girlfriend comes over) the music comes on, depending on the crowd will determine the volume. But good music playing always elevates a party, turns up the energy up and creates an atmosphere that your guest will be sure to enjoy! AND bonus this is free! Either connect your phone, to your speaker or you can simply turn on the music channel on your TV. We typically sync our phones to our favorite portable JBL speaker, this is the one we have and love!



Alcohol is where you can really break your budget, we get so excited creating signature cocktails for party and setting up a makeshift bar in our kitchen, but that isn't necessary. Throw a party and make it BYOB, we have gone to and thrown plenty of those and no one ever bats an eye. Then all you need to provide are different mixers. Grab some bottles of soda, lemonade, tea or anything along those lines that you and your guests like; having a variety is key here. Set it up just like you would set up a bar, have some sliced limes and lemons our and ready and you have an adorable set up that cost nothing compared to providing a full bar. This cost will vary depending on what you provide and how much.

A birthday party set up with teal fringe curtain and a multicolored balloon arch. A purple table sits in front of the curtain with a rainbow sequin runner on it with some bowls of snacks.

WHAT?!?! We came in way under budget! Plenty of wiggle room to add extra balloons, banners or other decorations. There's even enough to buy a handle of Vodka or case of beer if you'd like! Feel free to shop this party below!


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 |

  1. Balloon Garland Tape This allows you to create any size balloon arch or multiple! Just snip where you want!

  2. Rainbow Fan Foils These added a fun pop of color and dimension

  3. Rainbow Birthday Banner We loved the different fonts in this banner!

  4. Rainbow Tissue Honeycomb Ball With a lot going on above, we chose to scatter these below for dimension!

  5. Happy Birthday Napkins A classic birthday napkin that will go with multiple themes (toss the leftovers in you bin!)

  6. Green Plastic Cutlery The .99 plain color supplies are GREAT at Walmart!

  7. Yellow Dessert Plates Such a bright beautiful color - available in multiple colors!

  8. Pink Party Plates A complimentary color to the yellow plates! Also available in different colors!

  9. Teal Polka Dot and Stripe Paper Straw Paper straws are great to have on hand all the time and easy to customize to your party!

  10. Teal Table Cloth Cheap and easy backdrop, tablecloth, fringe maker...etc!

  11. Yellow Balloon Walmart has great budget packs of balloons in multiple colors

  12. Teal Balloon Cheap complimentary balloon for arch

  13. Purple Balloon Cheap complimentary balloon for arch

  14. Green Balloon Cheap complimentary balloon for arch

  15. Pink Balloon Tied in the pink plates and great complimentary arch color!

  16. Teal Fringe Curtains Easy background to cover unwanted views and add a pop to your statement wall!

  17. Rainbow Sequin Table Runner Draws eyes to the table immediately! So fun and reusable for many themes!

When throwing a party on a budget, just keep in mind, everyone is coming together to celebrate and enjoy spending time together. As fun as it is to go all out, you don't need to throw an extravagant party for your guests to have a good time. And as we have shown above, you don't need to spend a ton of money to have a beautiful party space. It just takes a little planning to throw a party on a budget but it is definitely possible to host an amazing get together without breaking the bank!

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