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Updated: Jul 29, 2021

It's no secret we travel in a pack and our vacations are no exception! We love to experience new places together, but our yearly tradition is to pack all of our cars to their max (seriously, there is ZERO space for anything other than bodies) and drive 3 hours south to camp at the beach at Cape Henlopen campground in Lewes, DE!

multiple families together with kids under a pop up tent in front of their campsite with multiple tents

Once we arrive, you will be sure to find us arguing with our significant others while setting up camp, sweating our behinds off and immediately cracking a cold one! The best part, is that we do this during the dog days of summer - August. You probably think we are crazy.

No AC, no WIFI, sleeping on the ground, sweating from AM to PM. Sounds miserable, right? Sometimes! BUT we do it because it has provided us some of the most amazing memories! One time, we camped through a hurricane (you can read a little about there here), there is never a trip that we don't have at least one day that we are running for our lives carrying the 82 boogie boards/coolers/sand toys because it decided to downpour, one of us ended up chopping the tip of their finger off with an axe, our kids got deemed "the scooter gang,"....we could go on for hours. But when we end the day around the campfire and we take in just how lucky we are to have what we do, it makes it all worth it!

A large group of kids at a long picnic table with a red buffalo check table cloth set up at a campsite eating and drinking

There are so many different tips, tricks and hacks we could share with you - but when you are traveling with so many people, the most daunting task is feeding everyone breakfast , lunch and dinner! So here are our top recommendations for feeding a crowd while living outside! HINT the key is to keep it simple and easy!

1. WALKING TACOS This is always a crowd pleaser and will satisfy even your pickiest eater! It will make your life so much easier if you make your seasoned meat ahead of time and freeze it flat in a ziploc freezer bag. Now all you have to do is heat it up AND it doubles as an ice source! Double win!

A picnic table on a campsite set up for walking taco's with bags of individual Dorito's, bags of shredded lettuce, salsa, cut up avocado, cup up tomato's and sour cream. All set on a red buffalo check table cloth.

2. HOT DOGS WITH MAC AND CHEESE Again, keeping it simple. Using your cookstove to boil some water for the Mac and cheese while grilling your hot dogs makes your dinner easy and the kiddos happy! 3. BREAKFAST SANDWICHES Everyone loves a good breakfast sandwich! It is also more fulfilling than a bowl of cereal or granola bar! Easy to cook up a big batch of scrambled eggs with bacon and toss them onto some warmed up English muffins! We have also been know to bake some Pillsbury flaky biscuits before our trip - these make DELICIOUS breakfast sandwiches. We also use them for our sausage gravy - #9 below!

A breakfast sandwich made with an English muffin, bacon, eggs and hash browns served on a paper plate outside of a campsite

4. CAST IRON PIZZA This is one of our favorites! Bring some pre-made pizza crusts and all the toppings you will want, toss them into your cast iron, set it over the fire and you will have yourself the most amazing, flavorful and crunchy pizza ever! If you take nothing else from this list - try this one!

A pizza cooking in a cast iron skillet on a wood grill.

5. SNACKS We try to prepare and pre-cut as much as we can before we leave! An easy go to is to pre cut meats and cheeses, store them in individual sandwich bags inside of a Tupperware container and you have yourself an easy, healthy grab and go snack!

6. NACHOS These are great because they can double as a late night snack or you can toss some lunch meat or chicken on them and make them a meal! Start with your tortilla chips in the bottom of your cast iron, add on all your toppings and you're done!

nachos in a cast iron skillet on an outdoor picnic table.

7. MOUNTAIN PIES Have you ever heard of these?! If not, take this as a hint to buy yourself a mountain pie maker! Butter two pieces of bread and put them into your maker. Add in your toppings (you can use pie filling, cheese and pepperoni, or even s'mores ingredients), close it up and roast it over the fire - Delicious!

8. GRILLED CHICKEN & VEGGIES Another super easy meal that you can make over the fire or on your grill! Season and cook, easy fast and a crowd pleaser!

9. SAUSAGE GRAVY OVER BISCUITS If you haven't caught on yet, making as much as you can ahead of time is the key! Whip up a quick batch of sausage gravy, freeze it and re-heat when you're ready to serve it for breakfast! You can even make the biscuits ahead of time and warm them up on the fire!

10. HOBO PACKETS Dice up potatoes, kielbasa, carrots and some onion. Toss the ingredients onto a piece of aluminum foil with seasonings. Close it up so the steam can't escape and plop it onto your grill for about 40 minutes! This one also makes for a super easy clean up, which everyone always appreciates!

We hope that some of these meals makes your next group camping outing a little easier and less stressful and if you have never tried it before, you should give it a shot. You never know what new amazing memory awaits you!

If you have any easy large group recipes PLEASE share them with us below!

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