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Updated: Nov 1, 2021

A Hocus Pocus Movie Party?! Yes please!! We are seriously jumping for joy over here! Not only is this film an all time Halloween classic that we watch on repeat, but with the anticipation of the second movie coming out we knew this party would be a hit for years to come!

A purple balloon arch surrounds a large projector screen. Black witches hats line the floor along the bottom of the screen. A banner saying "Hocus Pocus" are strung across the top of the purple balloon garland.

One of our little ladies has a birthday which falls right in line with Halloween night and because of crazy schedules, the party needed to be moved to mid October! Normally, this would be the perfect time of the year for gorgeous weather and watching a movie outdoors, as long as it doesn't rain, and welp, what do you know, it rained buckets that day, so onto plan B - we needed to move everything indoors. Although this wasn't our original vision, we didn't let that damper the fun!

In addition to the movie she wanted a sleepover too...Phew, always a daunting task to host that many little ladies, but we were up for the challenge!




For the movie setting, we hung a large 160 inch projector screen in our basement. This was supposed to be hung outdoors, however, mother nature had other plans for us. We pulled out the purple and black from the movie to create this balloon garland border surrounding the movie screen and finished it with a row of witches hats that the girls could wear throughout the evening! This created a simple and affordable WOW factor!


If you have been following along, you know our motto is to do everything on a budget! We literally will reuse or repurpose anything from our homes, previous parties, etc! You will see here we repurposed our bottle bash concession stand that we DIY'd! The black and white stripe detail was the perfect addition for our theme. We threw on some cob webs and bats to change up the feel and hung some fun movie quotes that we purchased and had printed at Staples for a reasonable price above the table to keep with the theme!

A concession stand with a black linen and black and white striped canopy. White spider webs are strung across the top canopy. Black witches hat are hung from the ceiling on both sides of the concession stand. Hocus Pocus signs are strung only the back of the concession stand. Black cauldrons hold the snacks for the Hocus Pocus themed party

On this table we featured the following:

  • Life Potion (Dr. Pepper)

  • Dead Man Toes (pigs in a blanket) and (mozzarella sticks)

  • Reese's Pieces

  • Cauldron of Popcorn

  • and the birthday girls favorite; Funyons and Lays Potato Chips

These cute black popcorn containers were from Oriental Trading Co. as well as the different sized Cauldrons!


With 8 ladies total, we opted to provide a fun and safe take away which was a purple hand sanitizer from Bath and Body works! The cute "I smell children" label that was affixed to it was courtesy of Etsy and the "Boo" bags from Oriental Trading Co!


We kept this one simple and had the birthday girl pick out a cookies and cream cake from BJ's and we just added this cute 'Birthday Witch' topper and a fun lace runner from the Dollar Tree to add some fanciness!

A cookies and cream birthday cake placed on top of a black lace runner with a cake topper that says 'Birthday Witch'



For the sleepover element all of our air mattresses had popped or deflated in some capacity. And right around the same time in planning we came across Lauren's Teepee and Boho Picnics business! She was featuring a Hocus Pocus set up for Halloween and we were SOLD!!!!! Like seriously, we can't even add enough exclamation points to describe our excitement! She supplied EVERYTHING, you guys! The amount of time and money this saved us (don't worry, we individually priced everything on our own too) was worth its weight in gold! The teepees, mattresses, sheets, blankets, pillows and all the decor you see in around the beds was brought to our home, set up, and also tore down! This was without a doubt the main attraction of the party. The girls loved having their own little teepee to call their for the night!

A bunch of black and white striped teepee's placed over air mattresses all lined up. Black and purple fleece blankets are placed over the air mattresses for the sleep Hocus Pocus themed sleep over birthday party.  Each bed has a white tray with a pumpkin, lantern and orange cup. Each teepee has a black witches hat placed on top of it. A garland with witches legs and brooms are strung between the top of each teepee.

Having this large detail of the party taken care of was such a huge relief and Lauren is super talented! If you are local to Central Pennsylvania, we highly recommend reaching out to her via Facebook! She has so many fun and different themes for nearly every occasion!

Overall, the party was a great success, minus the weather not cooperating! The girls ran amuk all evening and crashed in their teepees for the night! Fear not, there were no black flame candles lit, Billy Butcherson didn't make an appearance, but we did have our own real live version of Binx 😉 who lovingly joined all the ladies for breakfast!

All of the girls the morning after the Hocus Pocus themed sleepover birthday party gathered around the kitchen island ready for breakfast.

What a fun theme for an October birthday! We seriously hope you all enjoyed this as much as we did! In fact, some of us moms may want our very own Hocus Pocus party now!!

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