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Updated: Mar 14, 2022

It's officially October - and that means the Jasmine ladies are already planning for our annual Halloween festivities. As you know by now, we have A LOT of annual events/traditions, so we have to create everything on a budget as much as possible. For example - we are excited to show you how you can create this Halloween photo backdrop for UNDER $10 + use it to transform a space in your easy AND cheap!

Halloween photo backdrop created from a white plastic table cloth and red paint. Red hand prints and the words Help Me written on it

Here on Jasmine, we do not live in fancy mansions. Our houses are small and quaint, which we love, but can definitely be a challenge when hosting many party guests. To give ourselves more room, we will expand our party decor to our basements or garages. However, these areas tend to be used for storage - which is where the backdrops come in handy! We use backdrops like this to cover shelving, other storage areas, or just junk in general :) Simply hang the backdrop from the ceiling, let it hang to the floor and BOOM you will have a totally transformed space!

For this specific backdrop, we knew we wanted to create a scary look that that kids could also help create. We've included all of the items needed below, as well as instructions so you and your crew can successfully create this look!

  • Plastic Tablecloths The number of these needed will depend on the space you are looking to decorate. We were using ours to cover our garage shelving, so we purchased 6 large rectangular tablecloths. NOTE: We get our plastic tablecloths from Party City. These are usually 5 for $5 and are much thicker than the dollar store brand.

  • Red Paint This color was used since we were trying to create a creepy, bloody look. We found this leftover paint in our garage and ended up saving some money. If you don't have any on hand, any acrylic paint from the craft store will work and is typically under $5.

  • Paint Brushes Keep in mind that both the adults and kids ended up using their hands to paint most of the backdrop - the kids loved getting messy! If you're not a fan of messy hands, a paint brush would definitely work OR try grabbing some latex gloved from the dollar store.


To start, we laid all of the tablecloths out flat in our driveway. To keep them in place we secured each corner with a pumpkin or heavy item so they didn't blow away.

Kids helping to create Halloween wall hangings by getting red paint on their hands and making scary hand prints on the white plastic table clothes. Pumpkins were used to hold down the corners of the table clothes.

We used a small paint brush to create a good coat of paint on each of the kids hands.

Then, they went to town making hand prints all over the plastic! We can't get over how young our kids were here AND how tiny their little hands were (cue the mom tears!).

Kids getting their hands painted red, getting them ready to mark on the plastic table cloths to create Halloween Party Décor.

We also hand painted some creepy messages in the middle of each tablecloth to give it a spooky vibe. Try messages like: Look Behind You!, Help Me, I See You, etc.

A woman painting a creepy message on a plastic white table cloth with red paint, creating a Halloween party photo booth backdrop.

Lastly, we added some adult sized creepy hand prints by painting our hands with a small paint brush and then dragging our hands across the plastic a bit :)

A Halloween party photo backdrop or wall hanging with red handprints and hand smears and the message 'Look Behind You' written on it.

You will the tablecloths these lay outside until they are dry. Once dry, you can fold them up until you are ready to use!

When you are ready to hang these, you will need to decide the best attachment option for your space. In the past, we have used thumb tacks in our garage ceilings, connected them to Command hooks, or taped directly to our ceilings.

The kids were SO EXCITED to see their artwork hanging as the centerpiece for our Halloween party. It was so fun to see their reactions!

FUN FACT: These were created and hung to hide walls, shelves, etc. but also ended up doubling as a super fun photo booth! Each couple and group of kids gathered for some fun photos and the backdrop provided the perfect Halloween theme!

We created this look for Halloween, but keep in mind that these can be created using paint colors for any holiday OR you can simply hang blank tablecloths to hide unsightly areas in your house!

We would love to hear from you if you give this a try for any gathering or event! Comment below or tag us on Instagram!

*Tuesday on Jasmine is reader supported. When you buy though links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.*

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