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Calling all parents of pre-teens! This is the party theme for you! With having a bunch of teens and pre-teens here on Jasmine now, we seem to always be wracking our brains on just what exactly we can do for their birthdays that 1 -won't be deemed "childish" and 2- will keep them and their friends entertained! The best part about a glow party is that you can honestly throw it for a boy or a girl! It's very versatile in regards to age and gender which makes it a huge win in our book!

glow party glasses on a table with glowing circle and star garland in the background



You are going to want to make sure that you evaluate the area you are working with and make sure you can either plug some black lights in around the room or that you can replace any current lightbulbs with black light bulbs. We chose to do both and replaced all of our tabletop lamps with these blacklight screw in light bulbs and we also picked up two of these blacklight light bars that plug into an outlet. Just by doing these simple exchanges in our basement, it made such a huge difference! You certainly don't need many depending on how large the space you have! Check out the difference below from natural lighting to the black light lighting! It just adds that *wow* factor and makes the space THAT much more fun!

For decorations, anything neon or white is your friend! There really is no NEED to purchase light up items, of course unless you want to! If you are operating on a strict budget - keep it simple and grab all the fun bright neon decorations you can find! We kept the majority of the decor simple and decided to have a couple focus centers for this party!

One of the focal points was the glow balloon wall that we set up behind the activity table for the girls! This was accomplished by simply purchasing this 100 Piece UV Glow decor set from Amazon and blowing them up in multiple sizes! We then used tape and glue dots and started sticking them around in a generalized area until we liked the way it looked! This provided such an easy and cheap backdrop to the activity area that also doubled as a great selfie station later in the evening for all the TikToks that were being made 🤣

view of glow party setup with balloons and streamers in natural lighting

We also created a fun focal point on the ceiling of the main area that was used for a lot of dancing and laughing during the evening! We did this by taping up a neon green round plastic tablecloth and using neon orange and neon pink streamers draped to the end of the tablecloth. We then used these super cool balloons that had lights inside of them that we found at our local Dollar General - we kid you not!! You never know where you will find cool party supplies, so don't eliminate any stores!

For the remainder of the decor, we kept it simple with this set of plastic plates, utensils and cups, fun glow star and circle streamers and of course these light up glasses for all the girls to wear!

Anything goes! You could also just give your party guests a heads up and ask them to wear some bright or neon colors to make not just everything at the party glow, but everyone too!


When feeding a large crowd, we have a couple go-to's. For this specific party, due to the request of the birthday girl, we decided on walking tacos! They are a classic that everyone seems to like - even the pickiest eaters!

We tossed some ground beef into the crockpot that morning with taco seasoning and purchased all the toppings for the girls with a bunch of mini bags of Doritos. Having food prepped like this makes it easy for your guests to help themselves when they are ready to eat and it also frees up your time as hostess to enjoy the party as well!

birthday cupcakes with glow in the dark candles and  glowing garland in the background

We then made a bunch of cupcakes and used neon icing so they would glow too! Another option for your dessert is to use black icing as your base and decorate with neon icing! Either one works and they are both bound to glow for you!

With 10 pre-teen girls, we knew some snacks were going to be needed later in the evening so we went ahead and had a smorgasbord of all the Birthday Girl's favorite snacks - from Oreos to ring pops the girls were running on sugar highs by the end of the night! We are huge fans of the favorite snack smorgasbord and have used it multiple times for their parties!


Thinking of an activity for pre-teen girls that doesn't include their phones was definitely a brain twister, but if you know us, we LOVE activities that can double as take home favors. If you go back to some of our previous parties, it tends to be a staple and it will also save you money from purchasing goody bags in addition to supplies for the activities you want to include in the party!

party activity table setup with white t-shirts, neon puffy paint and paint brushes

For this one, we got all the girls plain white t-shirts from our local Michael's store and a bunch of neon fabric paint and let them all go to town designing their own glow in the dark t-shirts! It was so fun to see all the different designs and their personalities came out in all their creativity!

For the rest of the night we let them do what pre-teen girls do best - dance, giggle, TikTok, know...all the girly things! The key is to not structure too much of their time to the point they get annoyed! One to two simple structured activity and then let them run like wild animals! The smiles and giggles are so worth it!


We cannot recommend this party theme enough! There are so many different and great ideas you can run with in the line of a glow party - think paint, or paintballs or maybe some glow gaming for the gamer in your life....the list is endless and with some simple change of lighting and a bunch of neon decor, you can totally transform your party!

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