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Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Winter can be long and excruciating. With the cold, the dark and early nights you start to get stir crazy and long for those summertime evenings. On Jasmine we gather weekly, if we haven't seen each other in over a week then we know we are due.

This time of year calls for comfy gatherings. We are not interested in leaving our "uniforms" if we don't have to. (Uniforms = sweats, joggers, leggings and t-shirt/sweatshirt). You know when your husband comes home and says "oh so you haven't gotten out of your uniform today." No, no we have not, thanks for noticing.

This particular night our husbands planned an outing to go see the Eagles and Cowboys play in Philadelphia. It is rare that they actually organize and execute an outing, so we took that to our advantage! Although their night didn't quite turn out as they had hoped (more on that story another time) ours was everything and more! It brought back our inner teenage girl hearts, we even did this during dry January, so the night was completely alcohol free!

Of course girls nights can be many things from movies and popcorn, to trivia, to karaoke, or just sitting on the couch catching up!

The night called for a few simple staple items that are listed out below.



Like usual, we all brought a dish to our girls night! The menu items consisted of:

  • Cauliflower crust prosciutto and arugula pizza - Cleanfood Crush (she is one of our favorites and we highly recommend checking out her recipes!)

  • Seven Layer Taco Dip with Tortilla Chips for dipping

  • Queso, Salsa and Guacamole with assorted gluten free chips

  • Broccoli Cheddar soup with Bacon and Cheese garnishments

  • Charcuterie board

  • Old Bay Shrimp

  • Popcorn

  • Pellegrino sparkling mineral water

  • Kombucha (YUM!!!)

  • Fre Wine, Chardonnay and a Red blend



We didn't want to go overboard for a simple girls night in, but we did want it to feel a little more important than our impromptu gathering. We decided to go with a pretty backdrop, some cute plates, napkins and fresh flowers. That's it! Our company was what mattered most and was the main highlight of this get together.

A fringe backdrop created with gold, pink and white fringe curtains and a rose gold foil balloon saying 'YAY!' is layered in front of it.

All the décor (except the flowers) were purchased from Party City. The flowers were simple white roses, which were purchased from our local grocer store, Weis ! If you recall, we almost always supply our own floral arrangements! You can see them many times throughout our posts! If there are flowers involved, we purchased them from a local store and arranged them ourselves! All about affordability and practicality!



Most Jasmine get togethers do not need entertainment planned. This seems to be because as we get into our cocktails we normally become the entertainment 🤣 or much to some of our dismay, we end up playing card games, drinking games, JackBox Games or our favorite - beer pong. We get quite competitive. However, with us all participating in dry January we needed a few dedicated items to keep us busy!

A plate of Beauty Counter sample products and "For the girls" card game is placed in the back, for a fun girls night in.

Our first activity for the evening was a new game called For The Girls. We had never played this before and it was PERFECT! It brought us right back to our teenage years on our bedroom floors with our girlfriends!

We all had so many laughs. The dare cards were the funniest because they had us doing pranks like phone calls and posting to social media accounts, there are also challenge cards that were definitely out of our comfort zone. Some of the dares were pretty ridiculous and provided tons of laughs, "pee your pants" moments for sure - like letting all the littles do your hair for the remainder of the game, and drinking a shot of hot sauce (our teenager did that one HAHA).



Next up we decided to try some Charcoal Masks from Beautycounter. We had partnered up with a representative from Beautycounter for a giveaway and with that, she gave us so many beautiful samples of her favorite products! A few of us Jasmine ladies have beauty rituals while some of us do not. When we saw the charcoal masks we knew that we would need to pick a girls night at some point to all gather, slather the stuff on our faces and then laugh at how ridiculous we all look together. And that is just what we did. The mask got so tight and dry on our face (which is what it is supposed to do) that when we laughed we thought it was going to crack right off. So then it seemed to be quite the challenge not to laugh. After taking the masks off, our skin felt so smooth and fresh! We loved them! This activity definitely made for some great laughs, awesome pictures and memories that we will never forget.

Fun Fact: New customers can get 20% off with code CLEANFORALL20. Your welcome.

The Tuesday on Jasmine ladies posing in a mirror after doing facemasks during a girls night in.

We had such a great night together laughing eating and playing! It also reminds us that it is so important to spend quality time with your friends! On Jasmine the ladies know that we have a very unique bond. We live houses apart, our kids go to school together, our gents all enjoy each others company and our bond of making simple every day moments just a bit more magical every time we are together. It is priceless! These moments not only provide us the joy and fulfillment we need in life but are teaching our children how important it is to foster relationships outside of your household. Friends are our chosen family and we could not have dreamed up a better family, all 19 of us!

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