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If you have been with us for awhile, you know that even though we are friends and neighbors, we are also very much a large family. Every year we host a "Friends"giving, to take some time to sit around the table together and really bask in this wonderful thing we are so blessed to have.

An overhead view of a thanksgiving table filled with Turkey, stuffing, sweet potato casserole and other traditional thanksgiving side dishes. Kraft paper is used as a table clothe with gold chargers and plates that say 'Gather'. Gold candelabras line the middle of the table and people are seated along the outside.

Friendsgiving is a great time to make memories and traditions! Heading into our 5th straight year, we have certainly made a ton of memories, and we hope some of these tips will give you some ideas for your next Friendsgiving!

Isn't it funny looking back at past photos, watching yourselves grow together?! Not only have our kiddos changed so much in the past 5 years, you can see we have too! And it wouldn't be a celebration on Jasmine without getting the men in our lives involved. They may flip us the bird here and there but don't let them fool you, they love to be a part of our antics!

TIP: Ladies, put your guys to work! Let them fry up the bird in the driveway, or carve the turkey for you while you sip on some wine after a days long prep!

😮 Look at our baby faces! You know what they say, aging like fine wine.....

TIP: Make sure to take photos! You know as much as we do, that Mom's are always always always BEHIND the camera! If this is the only time a year you gather, grab the gals and take that pic! You will be so thankful to have these!


The entire Tuesday on Jasmine crew, including the gents and all the kiddos gathered together after a successful Friends-giving and giving the camera silly faces.

The party planning for this is simple! We always rely on the "traditional" Thanksgiving food - but that doesn't always have to be the case (we also do this a couple weeks before Thanksgiving so we aren't tired of eating this meal quite yet haha!)

TIP: Don't feel like you have to provide an entire turkey dinner! Send out a sign up sheet to your friends and divide the tasks/food! This will save everyone time and money! Winning!

Below you can see a few of our Friendsgiving tables over the years! Different rooms of the house, different table settings, each one make it memorable and enjoyable every year!

TIP: Be boujee, or not, paper plates, real plates - it doesn't matter! The company is what matters most!


Every year we set the kids up their own little haven in the basement complete with babysitters (to help with the crafts, the food and the craziness 😉) along with all the activities and lots of room to play! They even get their very own tablescape, that differs every year, just like the adults! This year the set up came straight from the Dollar General and we couldn't help but love the non-traditional color scheme!

TIP: Hire a babysitter, or two, depending on how many kiddos are going to be gracing your presence! Find a teenager your trust and split the cost between all the families attending with children! This gives the kids a fun evening and also the parents time to eat their food (while it's still hot) and sit at a table with other adults!

As mentioned above, each family brings a craft for the kids to complete during the evening! Not only does this provide entertainment to keep them from getting bored, this also provides YOU with precious keepsake memories!

TIP: We cannot recommend this enough! Have each family splurge an extra $10- $20 and introduce a new craft each year - it doesn't have to be extravagant and it is so much fun to keep these and look back on them!


This craft was super easy! We collected baking trays from the Dollar Tree, Sharpie markers, stickers and primer spray paint! We pre-painted the trays white using spray paint, and from there we let the kids do whatever they wanted just making sure they designated spots for cookies, carrots and milk :)


How cute are these gnomes?! So fun for the kids to work on, and ended up being an awesome take-home decoration too! Crafted using some flannel fabric, faux fur fabric for the beard, a Styrofoam cone and a wooden bead for the nose! We can't wait to display these cuties!


This one is an easy activity to break up all of the other craft projects throughout the night. There are tons of bingo games to choose from on Amazon - we chose to use a Christmas theme this year! Try purchasing some simple prizes to make the game more competitive (pens, small toys, candy, etc). M&M game pieces added an extra snack while playing this year :)


We always love to try to include a small ornament in our crafting every year! We came across this terracotta bell ornament set in the Target Dollar Spot and knew immediately we had to have them! they came in a pack of 4 for $3 and included everything you needed for the craft!

Have you ever hosted or attended a Friendsgiving? If not, we seriously encourage you to try it out! Use some of our tips, wear your fat pants, and gather your closest friends - after all, your friends are your chosen family! Gobble Gobble 🦃

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