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Updated: Sep 21, 2021

It's almost fall y'all and you know what that means...evening fires, leggings & sweatshirts, AND FOOTBALL!

A football themed food table. Artificial turf was spread over the table with white tape used for lines on the turf to resemble  a football field. in the middle of the table is a black platter with different chips and dips. A silver platter is behind it with chicken nugget and tatter tot kabobs. A tailgating charcuterie board is on the one side of the table, with soft pretzels, cheeses, pigs in a blanket and bacon sticks. A bread bowl in the shape of a football with a variety of veggies is on the other side of the table. The napkins were red and yellow with signs labeling them as challenge flags and penalty flags to add to the football themed party.

Football season is serious on our block, college or professional, we like it all. We put together some great ideas for your next tailgate, football viewing party or Superbowl extravaganza. From food and beverage to decor, you are going to love these ideas and they are sure to make sure your party is a winner!

It all has to start somewhere and that is usually the buffet table or food stations. Take a look at the awesome tablescape we put together. This DIY table "linen" set the stage for our gathering. It definitely wasn't difficult, just took a little bit of time depending on how detailed you want to make it. All you need are the following:

A tailgating themed charcuterie board featuring pigs in a blanket, soft pretzel with a bowl of cheese dip, crackers and slices of cheese and sticks of bacon in mason jars. The charcuterie board is placed on a turf football field table covering.

Begin by marking off your end zone and then your yard lines. Add the dashes down the center and then your numbers. Voila you've got yourself a football field. nothing crazy but it got all the attention at our party!

Next up: we made these themed utensil/straw holders out of mason jars and some spray paint - pretty simple (especially for one of our artsy Jasmine men). We filled one of the jars with team color inspired green and black straws by Outside the Box Papers for a cute touch.

Go EAGLES....The banner and napkin holders (Penalty Flag & Challenge Flags) were free printables from Paper Trail Design she has so many cute party options!

Signs labeling the red and yellow napkins as 'challenge flags' and 'penalty flags' the tin containers holding the napkins are placed on a turf table covering.

Don't forget the pompoms to cheer your team on!! They added a pop of pizazz and shimmer. And to make sure we all had our game faces on, some customizable eye black strips.

The food is always important for game day, we kept it simple with delicious favorites both kids and adults love!

  • Homemade chili

  • Chips and assorted dips

  • Veggie football tray (so cute right?!)

  • Chicken nugget & tater tot skewers (for the kids)

  • Game day charcuterie board that included Brown Sugar Bacon Skewers (our crew loves these, you can see we had them at the Cheers & Beers party too), pigs in a blanket, soft pretzels with cheese, and crackers and cheese

  • Football themed dirt pudding cups

We can't get over alllllll of this yummy food. So just so you get the full's a few more pics below :)

And because you always need beverages, a "Water Break" station was created for the kids with Lemonade and those fun straws we mentioned earlier!

The drink station for the football viewing party was placed on a white beverage cart. Lemonade in a glass dispensing container is placed on top next to the 'water break' sign and a variety of paper straws in greens and black which are the party's theme colors. Green pom poms are placed around the drink station along with mini footballs used as party decor.

It wouldn't be a TOJ party without a fun cocktail! We made this Apple & Gin Autumn Cocktail to give us all of the Fall feels. It is so good, you seriously have to try it! Check out the recipe at the link above!

The ingredients for the apple and gin autumn cocktail. 2 tulip short glassed filled, Faber Gin, ground cinnamon, apple juice, lime juice and honey simple syrup

Some of our Jasmine men enjoy beer more than cocktails, so we always have a variety of beer on hand! This particular party ended with some card games and this empty can pyramid....The guys were pretty proud of themselves...LOL.

A tower of empty beer cans, the football party was a success and fun.

Was truly a successful gathering! We originally set this event up outside, however Mother Nature had different plans for us. So we adjusted and rolled with the punches. Our suggestion: always have a back up plan especially when planning an event outside!

Just a few more pics of our group enjoying the party! If you try any of these ideas, please send us your photos - we would love to see how your party comes together!!

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