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Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of our favorite things.......

A Favorite Things party set up outdoor with tables covered in white table cloths and  a white bar where a featured cocktail is displayed. A balloon garland is hung from the trees above the favorite things party in colors of muted blue, grey, peach and gold.

For a couple years now, we have been wanting to host a Favorite Things Party! Usually these types of parties will coincide with the holiday season, but with the Holiday season also comes crazy schedules and stress. We instead decided to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and make this one an outdoor fall party! We also wanted to get some of this out to you early so you can use this idea to create your own favorite things party this year, or use some of our favorite things as gifts for the upcoming holiday season!



This is a great excuse to gather with your closest friends! Have each party guest choose their favorite thing or things under a certain budget (we chose $20 per item for adults and $10 for the kids). Each guest will bring 3 exact favorite items or bundles of items (so a total of $60 each - $30 for the kids) to the party. When guests arrive, have each person place their items on a display, marked with their name, so all of the guests can easily see all of the fun goodies! To start the exchange, guests will take turns explaining what they brought, why they love it and then draw names to find out who gets to keep each of the items brought!

We knew we had to get the husbands and kiddos in on this one as well, so everyone was instructed to think about their favorite could be anything from a favorite snack, beverage, product, restaurant, game, book etc. the list is endless! Do you have a favorite restaurant - get a gift card to there, do you have a favorite book and hot tea - package those up together in a fun cellophane package. Get creative! It's so much fun to see what some of your closest friends consider their favorite items! You might even learn a NEW thing or two about your closest friends :)

There are so many ways you can determine who takes homes the favorite things. We chose to do the adults and kids differently - you can read more about that below!



Wanting to go with a fall theme, we decided on muted blues, grays, whites and pops of gold. We purchased these throws and used them as a texture/accent piece on each of our tables - and since they are technically blankets, they're reusable! To jazz it up a little, each person received a wooden charger - these came from the dollar tree!! The Dollar Tree is a great resource when you are looking to affordably purchase multiple of the same items. You can purchase via their website and have it shipped to your local store for free!

We also added adorable hand crafted nameplates so everyone would know whose favorite thing they were looking at! We bought pumpkins from a local amish stand for our front porch decor and doubled them as table decorations with wheat and candles down the center of each table for an easy and affordable attention grabber!

One of our family members constructed this beautiful white bar (if you're local to Lancaster, PA and are looking for an affordable bar rental for your next party, it is available for rent! Contact us and we can put you in touch!) We knew we had to have it for this party and decided to adorn it with a tiny balloon arch, which we created from leftover balloons of our larger arch and a favorite things banner - balloons are huge right now, they're affordable and cheap and you can basically dress any area up with them easily!

The bar at a Favorite Things party with a variety of mixer choices  next to the the cocktail of choice. Brown paper bags with the party guest names sit next to the cocktail bar for everyone to put their favorite things into. A Balloon garland in colors of blue, gold and peach are used to decorate the bar along with a cut out sign saying "favorite things"

Because you want the favorite items to be the center of attention at your party, you don't have to go all out for decor. We kept it simple and affordable, but still had statement pieces that tied everything together!

The favorites thing table. All of the chargers all filled with each guest favorite thing that they brought. From a case of beer, a plant,  to an orange and a juicer. The options are endless which make this party more fun.



Fall food is comforting, warm, and filling so we wanted to make sure that we kept with that tradition! We whipped up a big batch of this gluten free chicken pot pie (Chicken pot pie in Lancaster County is much different than anywhere else, give this recipe a try! you won't be disappointed!) You can prep this ahead of time and keep it warm in your crock put until serving time! We rounded out the food with a table full of fall appetizers - homemade hummus, cranberry pecan salad, cranberry and brie bites, a fall charcuterie and butternut squash bruschetta - sure to warm the soul!

The hostess of this party also incorporated all of her favorite fall snacks into the desserts with mini pumpkin pies and snickerdoodle cupcakes made by our neighborhood baker - also completely gluten free :)

We sent one of our hubbies on a wild goose chase looking for this pumpkin beverage dispenser that went viral on TikTok - and much to our excitement, he delivered! We filled it with delightful Autumn Harvest Punch for the kids and added champagne, vodka and honey whiskey for add ins for the adults!

A glass pumpkin dispenser filled with an Autumn Harvest Punch.



FOR THE KIDS: First of all, you will take notice we kept their favorite things limited to snacks/food. This worked wonderfully because we have an uneven amount of girls vs. boys and a large span of ages! We thought this would cut down on kiddos receiving stuff they particularly would not enjoy.

To make sure there were no hurt feelings with specific favorite items not being selected by the other kids, we wrote down each child's name 3 times and put all names into a bowl (since each child brought 3 exact favorite things to share). We went around the table and allowed each kid to tell everyone what their favorite thing was and why they liked it :) After describing, each kid pulled three names out of the bowl and handed their favorite things out to the names they pulled!

Girls doing their favorite things exchange; they all look on as one of them explains their favorite thing. Each charger is filled with a different kids favorite thing, which for this party is filled with a variety of snack foods and drinks.

We think it is so important to involve our kids in what we do, so making small minor adjustments to ensure everyone has an enjoyable time is at the top of our lists when planning our events!


FOR THE ADULTS: We wanted the adult round to be a little more competitive! Each adults name was written down one time and added to a bowl. We let each person introduce their favorite thing, then we starting pulling names until each attending adult had a chance to pick one item from the table. We then repeated this three times until everyone had 3 unique gifts to take home with them!

You could work it this way for the adults or the way we did the kids! Completely up for you and customizable to your party group!

Of course we needed somewhere for each person to place their new found favorite things, so we again reverted back to the Christmas carol lyrics and made everyone their very own customized brown paper package tied up with string using our Cricut machine!

Everyone had so much fun, enjoying the fall weather and getting new items to try! This is such a great party to host - any time of year! We would love to hear about your favorite things below! Send us all the ideas! We love trying new things!


Check out some of the favorite things the adults chose to bring below!

**We have linked some of our favorite things below in case any of you want to try them - they make GREAT Christmas gifts!**


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