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Need a unique theme for an upcoming birthday party? This farm themed event was an unexpected hit for our guests AND the birthday girl. Our home town of Lancaster, PA provided the perfect setting for hay bales, wildflowers, and farm animal decor!

The dessert table for the Farm themed birthday party, pink and teal accents are used throughout to give the party a girly feel. Pink and teal cupcakes are set on wooden crates to add a rustic vibe and piggy lollipops are set in tin containers to continue a farm feel. Teal mason jars with wildflowers are used as decoration, with pink, teal and brown streamers hung above the dessert table.

ALL items were purchased on a strict budget and/or handmade by one of our Jasmine Ladies. We're excited to walk you through all of our secrets on how we threw this one together!

We planned this second birthday party for one of our little girls, so we wanted to add a feminine twist to the theme. For that reason, we went with a teal and soft pink color scheme. Florals, jean, burlap, and wood accents helped to add a rustic feel throughout the rest of the party.


There we a TON of small accents that added to the wow factor of this one. Check out our list below of our top favs and how you can create the same look!

  • Fabric Garlands These were so simple and cheap to make. We visited our local fabric store and selected a handful of options that matched the theme of the party. Next, we cut each fabric into 2" x 20" strips. After finding some old rope we had on hand, we tied each strip to the rope while alternating colors/patterns. You can make each strand as long or as short as you need for the space you will hang it.

A garland made from different cuts of fabric in a variety of pink and blue colors with burlap added as an accent. This garland is hung above the dessert table with a pink cake as the centerpiece.

  • Centerpieces We needed something to fill our tables, but didn't have the budget to pay a florist or buy expensive vases/glassware. Instead, we followed the rustic vibe and painted mason jars with matching colors. To add some shorter height vases, we covered empty soup cans (make sure you wash them out lol) with the extra fabric from the garlands and then tied some twine around each one. Next - and this may be our absolute favorite personal touch - we filled each newly created vase with wildflowers. This was SO BUDGET FRIENDLY. We grabbed some scissors, hopped in our car and drove around some back roads looking for these flowers. There were so many different options around every turn. Lastly, printables are an easy and affordable way to add to your theme. Horse and horseshoe silhouettes were printed and cut into circle shapes, then glued to wooden sticks. The sticks were added to the wild flowers and definitely wowed our guests! Take a look at how these came together below!

A farm party themed centerpiece, different jars and mason jars tied with twin or blue ribbon, all lined up together in a variety of heights with white flowers and wheat grass sticking out of them. All of the center pieces are placed on top of a burlap runner.
  • Miniature Farm Animal Accents As you have probably seen from our previous posts, we are huge fans of dollar stores. We end up finding some really amazing party items at these stores. In this case, we found mini farm animal figures our our local Dollar Tree store. Since these figures didn't match the party theme as-is, we spray painted each one and were so happy with the final result. These were used to fill in small areas around the party and even as the cake topper!

Farm party themed décor centered around a large pink letter E, for the birthday girl. 2 blue mason jars are on each side of the E with twine tied around it and white wildflowers sitting inside. Small plastic farm animals that were painted the same teal are placed in front of the blue mason jars. Everything is placed in front of a wooden crate to finish off the rustic farm feel.


Keeping 2 years olds entertained is always a challenge. These handmade games were super fun to create and the kids played with them for hours!

  • Pretend Fruit picking The kids spent time visiting these cardboard trees and picking the Velcro-ed plastic fruit which were collected in baskets. Once all of the fruit was "picked" they could stick it back to the tree easily with the Velcro! Again, we purchased the plastic fruit and cardboard from the Dollar Tree. Each piece of cardboard was cut into different tree shapes and then painted to match the party. Same with the fruit - after each piece was painted, we added some Velcro to the trees and the fruit and stuck them together!

A full view of the "pick the fruit' party game that was used in a farm themed birthday party.  3 pink cardboard trees are lined up along a fence with blue fruit hanging from all of theme. Small apple baskets sit in front of each tree with a black chalkboard sign with the name of the game on it.
  • Strawberry Toss This was basically a toddler-friendly version of cornhole :) Nesting baskets were purchased from Hobby Lobby and we then created burlap bean bags for a rustic feel. Even if you aren't great at sewing - the bean bags were super easy. 1/2 cup of uncooked beans were place inside of a sandwich bag, then the burlap was cut to size and was sewn around the beans. For a fun finishing touch, we painted a strawberry on each one - these were SO cute!

'Toss the strawberries" a party game for the farm themed birthday party. Burlap bags with painted strawberries are sitting next to an apple basket with a chalkboard sign sitting behind it.


We usually have our party guests bring a folding chair with them to our outdoor birthday parties ( super classy haha!). This usually saves us the headache and costs of renting chairs, etc. However in this instance, we wanted to take the seating one step further. We contacted a local farmer and was able to borrow 12 large hay bales. We placed these around each table and also stashed some in a few corners for added decor! This was such a fun added touch to our farm theme and the kids loved playing on them!

Hay bales surround long tables covered in linen colored table clothes which gives a rustic vibe to the farm themed birthday party. Different mason jars and tins were used as centerpieces with white wildflowers in them.


There was a certain area of the yard we wanted our guests to enter through (honestly, to keep the grass and mud out of our house). To call attention to that area, we needed a large sign or decor piece that would call attention when our guests pulled up. Using some old paint, pallets and rope, we created this awesome sign that ended up doubling as an entrance and photo backdrop for our guests!

A large white wooden sign with rope nailed on to spell out "Ellie is 2!" Which was used where the guests entered the farm themed birthday party. The sign is stuck into a large haybale to add to the theme.


If you're like us, you always want your guests to go home with a "thank you" gift for attending the party. While walking through our local craft store, we noticed a chocolate mold in the shape of a pig nose. We instantly fell in love and knew we needed to somehow incorporate these into the party! To create these favors, we simply filled the molds with pink chocolate, added a lollipop stick, wrapped each one in a clear bag and added a "Thank You" tag. These ended up being the perfect favors for both adults and kids!

The rest of the party was filled with cupcakes and miscellaneous decor that matched the rustic theme and party colors. We can not repeat this enough....USE ITEMS YOU ALREADY HAVE ON HAND! You would be surprised how items in your home can be used to add height, layers and texture to a simple table display. Perfect example: the crates shown in the image below. These have been used for SO many of our parties now :)

A view of a dessert table  with pink and teal cupcakes and white circle farm animal cupcake toppers placed in theme, are placed on a wooden crate. A tin container sits in front of the wooden crate with piggy pops inside. Blue painted mason jars with white wild flowers and a rustic bird cage are used as party décor for this dessert table.

As always - we would LOVE to hear about your farm themed party. Let us know how you celebrated below!



*Tuesday on Jasmine is reader supported. When you buy though links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.*

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