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Happy Toast to Tuesday!! Its finally feeling like Fall with the highs in the 60's here on Jasmine! Our sweaters are coming out and we are finding ourselves switching from the summer whites to the fall reds and with that we have a few fun selections below!

The wines we picked were based on their colors and labels! The say never judge a book by its cover, but that is exactly what we do with wines!😆 Truth be told, we love to choose our wine by picking one with a cool label or a pretty bottle, something were happy to place on our counters - but that's just us! (or does anyone else share in that type of decision making?!) For tonight - we chose wines with red and orange labels - giving us all the Halloween and seasonal party vibes!

3 bottle of red wines sitting behind three tasting glasses filled with the red wine. The labels each have shades of red and oranges to play on the fall vibe.


  • Educated Class - We picked this one for its cool label and black and orange design. It also had some interesting equations on the label and we have no clue what they mean 🤣 This wine was good, not amazing, but good! It was on sale for $21.99, so not bad.

  • Apothic Red - We have had this one before and were quite quickly reminded of how good it is. It is definitely a staple to keep on hand for a random gathering (our favorite kind!). It is a winemaker's blend and truly so smooth and silky. We highly recommend this wine and the price was $12.99, so winning even more!

  • Gnarly Head - A Cabernet Sauvignon that was quite delightful...a cab is a good red wine to have on hand and the grayish/brown and orange label was super pretty and festive! This bottle was $9.99, the lowest priced of the tasting but not the least favorite.

3 bottles of red wine (Apothic, Gnarly Head and Educated) sitting with a box of red wine (Nighthawk Black), all gathered on a tray with pumpkins ready for a tasting party.

A bottle of red wine being open with a wine bottle opener with 3 stemless wine glasses in front of it, ready for a wine tasting gathering.

And for a bonus, we featured this Dark Malbec from Nighthawk Black. A couple of us love to keep the Bota Box Nighthawk Black on our counters this time of year! Box wine is so nice to have on hand for the random fall fires and gatherings..... maybe for filling up your Yeti for Trick or Treating....you know, whatever the day may bring! This was a great buy at $24.99 and serves a crowd. Don't judge the box, it was quite amazing!

A wooden tray with an assortment of red wines, Apothic Red, Gnarly Head Cabernet Sauvignon, Nighthawk Black Dark Malbec and Educated Guess. Gathered with a white pumpkin ready for a wine tasting party.

We would love to hear about your favorite red wines so we can give them a try! Tell us your favorites below!

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