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Updated: Apr 6, 2022

This Tuesday we are featuring a delicious and easy shot that brings us straight back to our wonderful time in Key West, FL. Take a look back at our Top 10 things to in Key West. Not only does it transport us to island time, but we got the ingredients from one of our favorite little bars that we visited while in town, The Tiki House. This shot has 2 main ingredients - just 2! When something is that simple to throw together, it is a MUST try in our books.

2 key lime pie shots with a graham cracker rim and lime wedges as a garnish placed on a white tray with lime halves and crumbled graham crackers arounds them. Below the white tray is a plate full of crushed graham cracker and the ingredients for the key lime shot, liquor 43 and  key lime vodka

Key lime pie is an American dessert pie made of lime, egg yolks, and sweetened condensed milk. It may be served with no topping, topped with a meringue topping made from egg whites, or with whipped cream; it may be cooked in a pie crust, graham cracker crust, or no crust.

It's generally common knowledge that the Key lime pie was invented in Key West, Florida, where the key limes needed to achieve its signature tart taste grow in abundance. We love to enjoy this signature flavor in desserts and drinks alike.

For our first ingredient we need: Stoli Vanillia Vodka. We normally do not buy flavored vodka unless a specific drink calls for it, otherwise we are using fresh squeezed fruit to get us the flavors we need. However, to our delight, when purchasing this particular vodka the cashier got so excited to tell us this was her favorite vodka and especially so because it doesn't have any added sugar! Yes that is a win in our book.

Second up: Licor 43! If you follow along with us you will know that we love this particular liquor in the mini beer shots we do at Christmas time, and also during St. Patrick's Day for our pot of gold. You can find the recipe here! So good, and we highly recommend.

Fresh squeezed lime is a must. We use 1 lime per 2 shots. And we just love love this handheld citrus squeezer.


The ingredients for the Key Lime Pie shot, Liquor 43, Vanilla Vodka, fresh limes and crushed graham crackers with 2 shot glasses


  1. Fill your shaker with ice

  2. Measure 2 oz Stoli Vanilla Vodka and pour in shaker

  3. Measure 2 oz Licor 43 and pour in shaker

  4. Freshly squeeze 1 lime into shaker

  5. Put lid on and shake shake shake

  6. Rim 2 shot glasses with 1 lime slice

  7. Dip shot glasses into crushed graham cracker

  8. Fill shot glasses with mixture from shaker

  9. Add lime slide to each glass

We hope you enjoy this shot as much as we do!

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