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Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Spring is in the air and so is all the eggs, chicks, bunnies and little peeps! With that, we got so excited to pull together this year's Easter brunch and egg hunt! Below you will see all the items we got for this party from Walmart. Bright beautiful pastels were gleaming in the décor aisles and we couldn't wait to put this together for you.

An Easter brunch table set up with a white balloon arch with bunnies.

When we plan a party, we start with the usual Pinterest inspiration to get our juices flowing. From there we have a pretty good idea of the colors and direction we want to move forward with. We then visit our bins of storage from previous holidays and events. For this party we had a few items that would work really well. The fringe backdrop we used at Mother's Day last year, that we also repurposed for our Summer Bash as well as this year's Valentine's Day Party! We had beautiful pastel colored flag garland that we used for one of our daughter's birthday parties as well as some random Easter signage and buckets - not a bad haul from our basements and winning in our book!

Next we hit the store aisles in person to see what was in stock vs what we will need to order online. This is helpful in seeing the true colors, textures and sizes. We were able to find a beautiful floral vinyl tablecloth, yes - we said vinyl...eww gross, right?! However, perfect for a food table to easily wipe off any food debris and amazing for reuse with no washing needed. We also managed to snag some super cute plastic bunny serving platters, mint colored plates and napkins, reusable plastic plaid cups, our favorite part of the décor, the matte 'Happy Easter' balloon garland and a multi colored paper bunny banner with carrots! We were thrilled with the results and it really started to bring the party together in our eyes!

After gathering items, it is important to lay out a plan. For the brunch and egg hunt we knew we wanted a large grazing table of yummy food for all the guests, a drink station for adults and then a fun feature station for the kiddos and Moms alike!

An Easter brunch table set up with white serving trays full of food. A floral water color table cloth is the base of the table with baskets being used to raise certain platters of food. A white balloon arch with bunnies is strung above the table.

Here's what our menu consisted of:

  • Fried chicken and waffles

  • Ham and swiss sliders

  • Bourbon bacon meatballs

  • Deviled eggs

  • Mini avocado toasts

  • Cheesy hash brown potatoes

  • Veggie platter

  • Fruit bowl

It also wouldn't be a Jasmine party without a signature drink for the adults! We tossed this one together called a Paloma Twist which consists of tequila, champagne, grapefruit juice, fresh lime juice and grenadine! They were the perfect refresher for the day!

For the kids station, we went with all the classics - root beer floats, donuts and cheeseballs. Quite the mix for sure, but fun and themed for the party, which we love.

A Buffet with brightly colored streamers used as a backdrop and balloon letters that say 'Happy Easter' are strung in front of the streamer curtain. Plastic cups are filled with donut holes and have bunnies drawn on them. Drinks are placed on a teal serving tray.

The donuts were housed in an adorable DIY bunny cup with a lid that we assembled earlier in the week from plastic cups and construction paper. You can see how we did that one HERE! We turned cheeseballs into the cutest little carrots and placed them into a baby blue Easter bucket! The root beer floats were in the reusable pastel plaid plastic drinking cups with baby peeps on white straws, for eating or drinking through...whatever you fancy! We did not want to forget the Mom's coming to the party so they each got to grab a flower and an Easter basket filled with wine, nail polish and chocolate!


For easy shopping we listed all of our Easter brunch finds below:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18


  1. 6 inch potted plant We love the addition of having live plants at a party. You can use them as décor, and then as take-aways for your guests.

  2. White paper straws We wanted white straws for this party because the cups being plaid were so busy to bring in any other patterns. After the party is over having white classic straws on hand lends itself to really any event you could throw.

  3. Candy Peeps Well this is a no brainer at an Easter brunch. We added them to the straws on the kids drinks, but really they could be set out anywhere or added as garnish to any food or beverage item.

  4. Multi Colored Pastel Banner This banner was reused from previous parties and perfect fit for our pastel Easter party. We can't wait to see how many uses we get out of this beautiful banner.

  5. Teal Serving Platter with handles Any platter with handles is a must! This makes it very user friendly for carrying items out of the kitchen to an outdoor deck or over to a dining room. This color is perfect for all spring and summer celebrations.

  6. White Balloon Garland Because our island needed a feature décor element and because the tablecloth was a pretty busy pattern already, we opted for a simple white balloon arch. You can get the structure to build the arch here, and use it for multiple events. You will see our most recent St. Patrick's day rainbow we made with it and it turned out phenomenal. This was the perfect feature over all of our brunch foods. We cut out little bunny ears with pink and white card stock and attached to a few of the balloons to make bunny faces. Having our trusty Posca Paint Markers made this a very simple addition to the plain white balloons.

  7. Yellow Tablecloth This was used to make the fringe banner

  8. Teal Tablecloth This was used in our fringe backdrop as well. Super simple to make and provides such a fun statement piece for really any party.

  9. Light Pink Tablecloth We loved this pink cloth that was added to the fringe banner.

  10. OPI Nail Polish Having a good nail polish on hand is a must and it made the most adorable basket filler for our mommas.

  11. Easter Tin Bunny Bucket This extremely affordable and super adorable tin Easter bucket was perfect to hold little gifts for our momma bears attending the party.

  12. Bunny Banner We ended up taking the bunnies off the string and setting them on our brunch table. They were so stinking cute, and made for a fun solid pop of color.

  13. Mint Napkins We just love this color, seriously obsessing over the mint! These were dinner size napkins, so very convenient for messy chicken and waffles with maple syrup!

  14. Mint Plates Of course we had to get the plates in this color as well. These were the dinner size plates which allowed our guests to pile high with all the delicious options.

  15. Matte Easter Balloon Banner Obsessed with this banner doesn't even begin to describe our feelings. To our surprise, it was a matte and not a foil/shiny as most of these balloon banners are. We were over the moon with this style and highly recommend it.

  16. Floral Tablecloth Pastel florals with a pop of teal...was exactly what our space needed to bring in an unexpected fun and vibrant feeling to our brunch with this tablecloth. It is vinyl which makes for a super easy clean up. Just wipe down and store for your next spring or summer gathering.

  17. Bunny Serving Platters We love these plates and their size. They are a hard plastic and perfect to use as a serving platter. We ended up putting our ham and swiss sliders on them, just so darn cute.

  18. Plaid Plastic Tumblers These cups were adorable and we love mixing prints and patterns when it makes sense. They were a great addition to the kids station, and were sturdy enough to hold the perfect root beer float!


After we all stuffed ourselves on food and drink we ventured outdoors for our annual egg hunt. Cute little Egg Hunt Keys were made for the kiddos to decipher how many eggs and what pattern they were supposed to find at each house since they are getting older and we need to find ways to make it harder without hiding the eggs so hard that we forget where we put them!!! HAHA

They Egg Hunt key for the kids Easter egg hunt

Here's how we pull off an egg hunt through our whole neighborhood: 90 eggs total were hidden at each house for a grand number of 450 eggs. We made our way to each Jasmine had a golden egg hidden just for the adults to find and also scattered at each of the 5 houses were a golden egg for the kiddos to find. One house even had an adult scavenger hunt to find a special surprise shot of Pink Whitney Vodka or Pinnacle Pineapple Vodka.

Our kids are always excited for this event. Check out these smiling faces before the hunt started!

The young Tuesday on Jasmine girls posing in front of the Happy Easter foil balloon wall

We've been taking this starting line up photo of the kids since we started this tradition about 5 years ago! Such special memories and so fun to look back over the years and see how they have grown!

The Tuesday on Jasmine kids lined up with Easter baskets ready for the annual neighborhood egg hunt.

The kids carry the key with them during the hunt so they remember how many eggs to find at each house.

Take a look at what the kids got in their golden eggs, pretty impressive if we don't say so ourselves.

This year's hunt and brunch was quite successful. If you still find yourself needing to throw something together, we have definitely made it easy for you to shop our post and get all you need!


The Ladies of Jasmine

The Tuesday on Jasmine ladies gathered together in front of the Happy Easter foil balloon wall.

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