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Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the Jasmine trail!

a kid reaching through a dozens of plastic Easter eggs in fun bright colors, blue, pink, purple and orange

Traditions makes holidays that much more meaningful. They are the things you hope your kids carry on for generations to come. It is so much fun looking back on our yearly Easter photo and watching the kids grow from year to year! We hope this is something they will enjoy for years to come, with some modifications of course!

group of neighborhood kids standing together in front of a house with their Easter Baskets getting ready to start their Easter Egg Hunt

Easter on Jasmine started a few years ago when we decided to host a house-to-house egg hunt. 5 yards, 450 eggs, lots of laughter and fun! We have continued it through the years and as the kiddos get older, we have found we needed to up the ante a little by adding in some tiny details like having an 'Egg Hunt Key', special (harder) hiding spots for our two teens and golden eggs specific to each kid!

The 'Egg Hunt Key' showed the amount of patterned eggs they needed to find at each house along the way. This also proved to be a fun pre-egg hunt activity! The kids counted out the eggs needed and then used sharpie markers to add the patterns: dots, stripes and swirls.

It's a big event to stuff all of those eggs full of candy and toys, but the kids look forward to the process every year!

There was one special golden egg hidden for each kid (each had their name written on it). These held some extra fun goodies! Inside they found: more candy, dollar bills, B'loonies plastic balloon makers and more!

golden egg stuffers; dollar bills, starbursts, scratch off tickets and smarties

You can see one of our teens (below) finding their golden egg that was hidden INSIDE of the owl.....on TOP of a deck! Can you tell that one of the Jasmine Dads hid that one?! :)

Incorporating festive food and beverages into the day is an easy way to make a simple event seem like something much bigger. It can be as simple as incorporating specific colors to match the holiday or party theme.

First, we fed the kids "Bunny Bait". This is a mix of popcorn, pink white chocolate, and M&Ms. The popcorn was put into pastel berry baskets and topped with a little Bunny Bait sign. These were super simple and easy to pull off - you can find the full recipe from Hip2Save HERE. Looking for the adorable pastel berry baskets? Check them out at Michaels.

For drinks, we let the kids participate in creating some special cotton candy topped beverages! Again, these were easy to make: we poured some Sunkist Strawberry Lemonade over ice. Then, set a cup in front of each one of the kids and let them drop some multi-colored Charms Cotton Candy into their drink! The cotton candy immediately dissolves into the liquid and earned some oohs and aahs from our group :)

See the cotton candy drop in action below!!!

Keeping the kids entertained with activities, after they earn that candy from their eggs, keeps them engaged and excited. This particular year, we made Puffy Sidewalk Paint for each of them to chalk the walk with! The recipe was so simple: grated sidewalk chalk in various colors, dish soap and flour....mix together and place in a squeeze bottle. Check out some photos of the process below and you can see the full recipe HERE.

colorful bottles of puffy sidewalk paint on driveway

The little artists in them came out and they were engrossed for a good amount of time. So fun to see what their little hands create!

And now you can kick back, and enjoy an Easter beverage too ;) We sure did...check out the cotton candy topped champagne we made HERE.



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