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Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Donut be Jelly when you see this post! A night full of donuts and your besties - what else could you ask for when turning 9?!

Donut birthday party backdrop with donut grow up balloon garland, sprinkle backsplash and a donut holder peg board in the word 'yay'

When one of our girls asked for a full donut themed birthday party, we won't lie, we were a little excited to partake in the sweet treat planning! AND eagerly agreed to the yummy theme :)

The decorations for this one consisted of mostly teals, pinks and purples, which contrasted with the color of the donuts perfectly. Rose gold was also added for a pop of shine with the balloons and plates/cups/napkins. We scored BIG with amazon for this party - they had everything we needed to create the look we were going for.

Our "DONUT GROW UP" wall certainly set the tone for this birthday. This was a combination of the following items:

The kids had such a good time hand decorating sweets at our Valentine's party - so we decided to do a similar activity for this 9th birthday. While grabbing the flavored donuts at Duck Donuts, we pick up a few dozen plain. Our neighborhood baker (Kayla's Creations) helped us pull together personal decorating kits for the girls. Each kit came with pink, white and teal glaze icing + 6 different kinds of sprinkles. They also came in a box that would allow the finished donuts to easily make the trip home, which doubled as a take home favor!! We are always excited for an activity that doubles as a favor!!

A girl holding a decorated donut, with teal icing and white sprinkles on a donut party plate

We couldn't be more excited about this next activity!! One of our Jasmine mommas did this as a kid and has been DYING to incorporate it into a party or gathering :) This was a different take on a donut eating contest :) we hung one glazed donut for each girl on a string, from a tree (Little tip...we had to re-adjust each donut to match the height of the girls). When we said "GO!" the girls had to eat their donut as fast as they could without using their hands. The first person to eat their whole donut without dropping it off of the string was the winner! The moms had the BEST TIME watching them do this one HAHA!

group of girls having a donut eating contest with donuts hanging from an outside tree by string

Next up - it was time to get cozy in PJs and settle in for a movie/sleepover! We knew we wanted to create a unique space where the girls could "relax" after eating all of that sugar. The mommas of Jasmine got to work we couldn't be more proud of this space....

donut birthday party sleepover space, with air mattresses, pink white and teal party backdrop. Pink white and teal party streamers draped across globe lights lining the ceiling

Heres a quick breakdown of how we created this. It seems like a lot of detail, but we promise it wasn't as intense as it looks!

We sectioned off part of this basement with plastic tablecloths and vertically hanging streamers to make the space feel a little smaller and cozier. If you've followed any of our previous posts, you know that we are a huge fan of covering any areas of our houses that aren't "party-ready". In this case, we simply taped the tablecloths to the ceiling and then hung the streamers in between.

100 feet of string lights helped to make the ceiling more magical for this party. We used command hooks (specifically made for holding wires) to hold the lights in place, while still letting them drape down from the ceiling a bit. Once the lights were in place we used 4 different colors of crepe paper streamers to drape over top of the light strands. We cut the streamers to the length we needed and then pulled them down a bit in between each strand. NOTE: if you have about 12" of streamer hanging at the end of each line there is no need to tape or attach them to the wires. They will stay put really well on their own. This ended up bringing the whole basement to life and added SO MUCH texture to the space! The ceiling ended up taking only about 1.5 hours and definitely worth the time invested!!

We completed the basement sleepover space with 3 queen size air mattresses (check out our favorite HERE) that spanned the full width of the basement. The girls loved having a wall-to-wall comfy area to hang out for the rest of the night. Amazon had a 12/pack of super fun, inflatable donuts which helped to bring the party theme into the sleepover area. These also ended up as a take-home favor for each guest! We also couldn't resist getting each girl a donut squishy :) these sat around the sleepover area and added some extra decor to this space.

A group of girls on air mattresses at the donut theme birthday party, with pink teal and purple streamers and decorations. Blow up donut decorations litter the floor

Lastly, what is a sleepover/movie night without some candy and treats?! We raided the Dollar Tree for all different types of candy and popcorn that the girls could snack on while watching the movie (side note....they watched Luca on Disney+ and absolutely LOVED it)!

If the floor of the sleepover room was any indication of the fun these girls had, I would say it was a HUGE SUCCESS :) Popcorn and candy EVERYWHERE, but the birthday girl hasn't been able to stop talking about the fun she had ever since....#worthit

We finished the sleepover strong with a special request from the birthday girl....Waffles and ice cream for breakfast! There was absolutely no break in sugar overload during this party - Sending a huge apology out to the moms of our guests :)

If you try any of these décor or activity ideas, please let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear about your take on a donut party!!




Sleepover Space

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