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We entertain quite often and while it is always fun to host your friends and families for different gatherings, it is not always “fun” for the bank account.

A patio table set up for a dinner party, with floral plates set on rattan chargers. White napkins tied in a knot is set on top of the plates next to pieces of bread. Blue mason jar cups are used and a clear pitcher is filled with lemon water. Green hydrangeas are set in the center of the tablescape, a salad bowl and a plate of green grapes are also on the table.

We’ve put together some great ideas to turn your patio table into an inviting setting that won’t break the bank. These ideas can easily transfer to your indoor dining table as well, depending on the event you are hosting.

As always, we pulled items from our homes (you learn more about how to use those items HERE) in addition to the cost effective options we purchased for this setting! This time around, we sourced items from Dollar General. However, you could go to any dollar type store following the tips below to find items that will work with your budget.

An overhead photo of a black patio table set up for a dinner party. Floral plates are set on top of rattan chargers with white napkins tied in a knot and placed on top. Green hydrangeas in vases set in the center of the table. Blue mason jar type glasses set next to each plate. A clear pitcher filled with lemon water sits in one corner of the table and a clear ice bucket filled with ice and champagne sits in the other corner. Plates of fruit and a bowl of grapes are also on the table.


When we went to shop for this party the first thing that caught our attention were these fun floral plates with the scalloped edge! These were a little out of our comfort zone, but we knew they could pair well with solids and items of different textures.

A close up of a place setting on an outdoor patio table. A floral plate with scallop edges sits on top of a plain white plate which is on a rattan charger. A while linen napkin is tied in a knot and set on top. Blue mason jars are next to each place setting.


We knew the theme could not be floral everything, as that could be a bit much and overwhelming, however it worked great as an accent pattern. The blue on the floral plate was perfect to play off of, so we decided to find items that brought that out on the table. That is where the tinted glass mason jars come in! So much fun to find these at Dollar General...and so pretty for summer time. Perfect for a fresh batch of lemonade or iced tea.

A blue mason jar lays next to floral plates and rattan chargers, showcasing the color scheme of this dinner party place setting.


These circular rattan chargers spoke to us! How perfect are they as a backdrop to the floral pattern! Although you don’t see the whole charger, it is just enough to create a layer of texture that is different from the plastic. Now we have built some depth with the glass jars, plastic plates and rattan chargers.

An outdoor table set up for a dinner party with rattan chargers and floral plates, blue mason jars and white linen napkins tied in a knot. Green hydrangeas make a center piece with a clear water pitcher and ice container sitting on either side of the table.


Here are the items we used for this one:

  • Patio Table We chose not to use a linen because the table had fun texture and we wanted that to be visible.

  • White Plates These are .50 cent plates from Walmart.

  • Napkins White linen napkins from CV linens, a staple to have in any house that will go with any occasion. Make sure to choose a fun napkin fold to add depth to the table. In this example, we knotted the napkins.

  • Serving Dishes These were a variety of sizes and types that we pulled from our kitchen cabinets.

  • Ice Bucket for Champagne A bar cart staple for Jasmine that added some elegance to the table.

  • Champagne Glasses These were a nice added touch in addition the mason jar to fill the table, and because wine in addition to lemonade or tea is always nice.

  • Garden Flowers They were all in bloom at this particular house, so we cut some fresh ones and stuck them in vases we had on hand.

An overhead view of a tablescape. Floral plates layered on white plates, set on rattan chargers. A clear ice bucket filled with champagne sits in the middle of the table next to a vase of green hydrangeas. Blue mason jars sit next to each place setting. White linen napkins tied in a knot sit on top of the plates next to pieces of bread.

We are so interested to see what your dinner setting on a budget looks like!! Make sure to tag us in your photos if you give this one a try!

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