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We are gearing up for our big yearly Valentine's Day party here on Jasmine! We try to create unique activities and games that will keep our girls entertained throughout the party. Not always an easy task now that our oldest girls are almost all 10 and 11 years old. However, this Valentine's Day Heart String Art is the perfect task for these lovely pre-teen ladies.

DIY Valentine's string heart craft with all items needed: wood heart, string, nails and hammer on a Valentine's table cloth

If you have been following Tuesday on Jasmine, you have seen last years Valentine's Day event, which is now a yearly tradition. The idea for this party was sparked by our kid's school canceling all Valentine's events due to Covid. We wanted to keep the festivities going, so our annual party includes Valentine's themed games, crafts, treats, and so much more!

In the past, we have done cookie decorating, canvas painting, a MASH game, and a photo booth, etc. We knew we needed a craft/activity to top all of our past ideas. While shopping in the amazing Target dollar section we found wooden chalkboard hearts. These are beautiful AND reversible - chalkboard on one side and wood on the other. The wood side immediately gave us the inspiration for the string art. This will also double as a take home favor for the girls, which they can hang in their rooms!

As always, this DIY craft can is created on a budget. We spent about $5 on each heart. Check out all of the items needed and directions below for how to make this fun Valentine's Day craft!




  1. Trace the shape of the heart on to the paper - only half of the heart we used fit onto the paper, so we had to use 2 sheets and then tape them together

  2. Cut out the traced heart shape

  3. You now need to create a smaller heart shape inside of the larger one - we measured 1.5" all the way around the paper heart and marked where the center heart would be nailed

  4. The center points of the heart are the easiest to mark, we then spread out the other 8 points as evenly as possible, leaving about an inch between each

  5. Using the hole punch, punch a hole over each of the 18 areas where you will place a nail

  6. Place the paper template over the wooden heart (make sure it matches up perfectly) and use your marker to mark each of the nail holes directly onto the wood

  7. You can now start nailing your tacks into the heart, making sure to not nail them completely through the back of the wood

  8. Grab your string and tie it to one of the nails, then cut off the loose end

  9. Pull the string from the tied nail to any other nail on the heart - make sure your string stays inside of the nailed heart, and continue moving from nail to nail trying not to repeat the same string direction more than once

  10. As you string, make sure to connect the nails directly beside each other to fully form the heart shape around the perimeter, you can do this after every couple strings across the center

  11. Once you have all of your nails connected, wrap the string around your last nail and tie a knot - cut off the loose end

You can create these using Valentine's day colors, or simply use white string so your little crafters can display these in their rooms all year long!

We want to see all of your creations - make sure to tag Tuesday on Jasmine if you give these a try! Your kids will LOVE this DIY String Heart.

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