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Everyone wants that one feature item at an event... the one that pops, adds fun color and creates a unique element! Backdrops are a fun, easy and affordable way to add that!

A streamer backdrop strung up on a tree, with rose gold foil balloons hung in front that say 'best mom'. This backdrop has different shades of blues, greens, pinks and yellows.

This one above was so simple and easy! In just a few steps you are on your way to creating a beautiful, fun and aesthetically pleasing party detail.


  • Tablecloths in your party theme colors (you can use as many or as few colors as you want) *Note: You can usually find these at Party City - 5 for $5

  • Fiskar roller cutter

  • Some old cardboard or a cutting mat (to protect the surface you are cutting on)

  • Floral Wire

STEP 1 Place your cutting mat or cardboard on your cutting surface. This will save your tabletop!! STEP 2 Take the table cloths directly out of the package and start cutting exactly as how they are folded - in short vertical strips. The Fiskar roller cutter makes life easy when cutting. Before you know it, you will have a huge pile filled with all of the pretty colors!

STEP 3 Time for the floral wire! After cutting all your vertical strips, cut a piece of wire that matches the width of the backdrop you want to create. STEP 4 Pick one color to start, and tie a strip to the wire using a knot. We usually like to leave about 2 inches of the strip stick off of the top. In the example, we tied 10 of the same color in a row, then moved to the next color. Feel free to play with the pattern based on the amount of colors you and using and the width of the backdrop. STEP 5 Repeat this process until you have filled your backdrop width. Make sure to leave about 6 - 8" of bare wire on either side so you can easily attach/hang it without having to move pieces out of the way :)

The top of a party backdrop showing the thin pieces of cut tablecloth tied on a long piece of floral wire. A pattern is created from different colors with blues, green, pink and yellows.

You can add multiple layers of backdrops, cut the strips to different sizes...whatever you fancy, get creative! With Floral wire you have the flexibility to adhere the backdrop to almost anything!

Take a look at how we used our backdrop for our Mother's Day photos!

To see more of our fringe banners and backdrops you can view our Summer Bash Party and our Fourth of July party!

Happy creating! Let us know if you try this out - We would love to see your creations!

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