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Heading out on the town dressed to the nines is fun and sometimes very much needed! However, those times you get to snuggle in with the littles in your life, in your sweats, and ring in the new year - man, those are the good times. Seeing their excitement at everything new to come and how proud they are that they made it to midnight to bang on some pots and pans - those are the magical, fleeting moments. The small moments, worth making memorable.

Not long after the clock strikes midnight, if you're on Jasmine, you are bound to hear 9 kiddos banging on some pots and pans with everything they have left in them 🤣 - yes, even our teenagers, but don't tell them we told you! No more than a couple minutes before that though, they get to enjoy our DIY balloon drop with twinkles in their eyes! We have used this balloon drop a few times for our 'stay-in and be cozy' New Years Eve parties, and the kids LOVE every single moment of it so we knew we had to fill all of our followers in on how to make their night a little more memorable!



  • Balloons of choice (about 16)

  • Plastic table cloth (rectangular)

  • Roll of crepe paper

  • Tape

  • Happy New Year Headbands...for some added fun!

Everything that is needed for a stay in New Years Eve Party balloon drop. White plastic table cloths, balloons and New Years Eve headbands.


  1. Lay out your plastic tablecloth and cut it in half

  2. Blow up the balloons that you are using

  3. Using your crepe paper, make a seam connecting both sides of your tablecloth

  4. Lightly tape your crepe paper to the tablecloth and leaving approximately a 12 inch "tail" coming off the side (this is your pull string)

  5. Affix your newly constructed balloon drop to the ceiling using tape, making sure to leave enough room between the ceiling and the tablecloth so you can fit your balloons inside

  6. Fill with balloons, confetti, glitter - whatever your little heart desires

  7. When ready, pull on your pull tab and celebrate!

Of course, making this yourself is a little more work than purchasing those balloon drop kits that are sold in stores, however, this literally cost us $3.00 for everything we purchased (balloons, crepe paper and tablecloth) and it is something you can do with the kids to bust some of that holiday break boredom that has probably set in!

Girls jumping up and down with excitement when the balloons fall down at midnight on New Years Eve using the DIY balloon drop

Do you have any kid-friendly New Years Eve traditions? We would love to hear about them and don't forget to tag us in your balloon drop pics on social!

Young girls celebrating New Years Eve with decorated headbands preparing for DIY balloon drop

HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us here on Jasmine!!

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