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Updated: Jan 10, 2022

If you are anything like us, we are constantly scouring the internet looking for cute Valentine exchange ideas for the kiddos! We love to be prepared and although there is the uncertainty of whether or not our school district will allow exchanges this year - they did not last year, hence the birth of our annual Valentines Day Party! We figured we would provide you with some cute ideas and have them all in one accessible spot so you don't have to waste your time scouring the internet like we do 😉 Check them all out below!



In this particular Jasmine house, POSCA paint markers are used time and time again. We love them so much we basically look for crafts that we can use them with. Mess free, dries fast, vibrant color, they are just our absolute favorite! So when we saw this handmade tic tac toe craft we knew it would be perfect.

Tic tac toe valentines with small white rocks and a burlap bag. The bag has "You Rock' written on it with a red and pink heart enclosing the words.

Not only does it let your little get creative and design their own little bags, it is entertaining for the kiddo receiving the valentine.



  1. Lay out your bags and start drawing the tic tac toe grid. 2 simple lines vertical and 3 horizontal simple lines. We chose to use a black marker for this.

  2. Gather about 9-10 stones per bag. We tried to pick the smallest ones that would fit in our hand drawn grid and ones that were particularly a bit more flat.

  3. Draw 5 x's and 5 o's on the stones you selected.

  4. Get creative and design on the other side of the bag. We particularly liked the "You Rock" tag line since we used them in the game set.

We love this simple idea and hope you do too!

A "be mine' banner laid out on a counter with a red table runner and DIY Tic Tac Toe Valentine's Day gifts laid out next to them.


If you're looking for an interactive option, these Valentine's Treat Poppers are for you! The best part about this craft - every single item used was purchased at the Dollar Tree! We spent a grand total of $13 for all of the supplies shown AND you can make 10-12 poppers with that budget!

These poppers are stuffed full of goodies and make a super fun explosion when stuffed and popped correctly! Check out what's needed and how to make them below.


  • Cardboard tube (we used a tube from wrapping paper, but you can also use toilet paper or paper towel rolls)

  • Tissue paper (red, white, pink)

  • Items to decorate the tissue paper: Sharpie marker and heart stickers

  • Small candy (we chose chocolate hearts, Sixlets and Good & Plenty) * Note: Make sure to stay away from gummy candy that will get stuck inside the rolls

  • Sequins, gems, confetti

  • Valentine's Ink Stampers

  • Heart beaded necklaces

  • Pink and red ribbon/tinsel


  • Start by cutting your cardboard tube down to about 6" long

  • Using the short end of the tissue paper, roll it around the tube and mark the paper when it overlaps

  • Cut the tissue paper down to the size you marked

  • Now it's time to decorate your tube - use sharpie, stickers, etc *Note: try to only decorate towards the center where the tube will be covered

  • Find the center of the 6" tube and begin cutting it in half - making sure to leave about 1/4" still attached

  • Cut a small square of tissue paper and tape it over one end of the tube

  • At this point we also added a small piece of tape over the center cut line of the tube to keep it together while filling

  • Stand the tube up vertically (with the covered end down) and start filling your tube alternating between all of the items listed above

  • Once filled to the very top, cover the open end with another small piece of tissue paper and tape to secure

  • Roll the decorated tissue paper around the tube and tape where the 2 ends meet

  • Twist the ends of the tissue paper and secure each end with a piece of ribbon

When ready to pop the tubes open, we poked a small hole in the front and let kids go wild cracking them open! WARNING: This definitely makes a mess, but totally worth it in our opinion! The burst is a super fun and unexpected surprise! Check out the treat popper in action below!!



Our elementary school has a "non-food" Valentine policy - but we know that many other schools do not! As soon as we saw these adorable love monsters, we knew we had to try to recreate some for our neighbor friends and provide our followers with the instructions to make them!

A girl holding up 3 DIY valentine monster Lollipops

The supplies needed for these cost a grand total of about $10 and you could easily make a TON of these cuties!



  1. Pick out the colors of Jolly Ranchers you want to use to make your "love monsters." *Note* They don't have to be pink & red! Go blue or green for the boys if you choose to do so, mix them up - have fun!

  2. Preheat oven to 275 degrees

  3. Line cookie sheet with parchment paper or aluminum foil

  4. Line up 3 Jolly Ranchers together vertically - making sure they are touching (do this for as many lollipops you want to make) *NOTE* make sure you leave enough room between each set of Jolly Ranchers so you can add the lollipop stick

  5. Place in over for approximately 6 minutes - or until they are just melted

  6. Remove from oven and immediately affix the lollipop stick to each melted set

  7. Place your eyeballs and sprinkles as desired

  8. Make sure to work pretty quickly as they will start to harden quickly!

  9. Let cool for 20 minutes before consuming or adding to bags!

These are such a fun way to spend some time in the kitchen with your kiddo and let their little imaginations flow to create their very own love monsters!



It's not Valentine's Day in this household without gifting and receiving candy (sweet tooth over here!) We thought this Choo Choo Valentine's Train was just adorable, very inexpensive and super easy to make!

DIY Candy Choo Choo Trains placed on a counter with other Valentines Day candy laying around them

You can definitely change out the candies and incorporate your favorites, just choose round candies for the wheels and something long and thin for the body, any thing else is totally up to you!


Different Valentine's Day candy that was used to create the DIY Valentines Day Train, mini Reece's, Hershey's kisses and mini M&M's


  • Trace and cut out heart shapes from your constriction paper - these will be your "smoke clouds" coming out of the train. We liked the look of 4 hearts. Begin with the smallest heart on top and the largest on the bottom. *NOTE* Make sure they are big enough that you can write on them!

  • Write 'I CHOO CHOO CHOOSE YOU!' on the heart smoke cloud.

  • Starting with the wheels for the train, take your mini M&M container, 6 mini Reeses Cups and glue dots. Place a glue dot on the top of each Reeses Cup and place 3 along each side of the M&M container.

  • Place your train on the counter to make sure it stands on the wheels, if not just adjust where you place them.

  • Next we're making the caboose! Place a Reeses Cup upside down and attach a mini chocolate on top of it with a glue dot. Now attach the caboose to the top of the back of the train with a glue dot.

  • Onto the smoke stack! Place a Hershey's Kiss on top of the front of the train with a glue dot, then attach your heart shaped smoke to the front of the kiss with a glue dot.

We made a bunch of these and it took no time at all! And what's even better... any aged kiddo can help you with these! Also, they are perfect for both the little boys and little girls in your life!

DIY Candy Train Valentines day gifts placed on a counter with extra valentines candy surrounding it, a girl is in the back ground holding up  a heart shape with her hands.



We love the look of this classic Valentine's Day Card! It is very simple to make and can be done with kids of all ages. You also don't need many items to make these cards so very budget friendly!! We did all of our shopping at one store for all of the supplies (Michaels) and with enough supplies for two cards (paper left over but not thread) it was only about $5.00!

DIY embroidered heart valentines gifts sitting on a counter with candy hearts surrounding them.

The fun thing about this craft is that you can customize the colors or even the pattern! Mix it up as you like - the supplies and instructions are below so you can get started!



  • Trace your heart or pattern onto the cardstock.

  • Push holes through the card with your needle along your trace lines.

  • Finally, you string the card with your thread and tie it off in the back to secure it.

Very simple and easy. With a little supervision your littles can work on these side by side with you! Really it just takes time. More time than you would think to string them but that is the fun part! Seeing the pattern come out and how unique each one is!

We had a nice afternoon of chit chat and crafting (perhaps after a few threats) and made these awesome cards for our Valentines. Fun AND productive bonding time!

An embroidered heart on cardstock, created with red thread. laying on a wooden table with candy hearts placed around it and a red beaded garland.


We hope these ideas give you some easy and affordable options for your exchange this year! We would love to see your creations and hear about your own DIY Valentine's! Tag us on social or drop them below!

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