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Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Florals - They can take your space and theme to a completely different level! Whether you are using them to double as fillers for empty spaces, add texture, or give you that pop of color you are looking for, they are always a safe bet to add that wow factor!

Bouquets of flowers in different colors at a stand in the grocery store.

However, it is no secret that they can cost a pretty penny and potentially blow your budget for your event completely out of the water. We are here to tell you how to utilize flowers from your local roadside stands and grocery stores so that you can have beautiful florals without breaking the budget! Below are a few examples of the arrangements we have created in the past. The process is so simple and easy...anyone can do it!

We usually find the best selections at Wegmans, however, don't be afraid to store hop and check out the inventory at multiple stores! If you have a local market or road side stand they can contain some gorgeous and unique flowers, so don't forget about them!

On a recent trip to Wegmans, we came across this beautiful assorted dried floral set (first photo below), along with some white hydrangeas. We had to try them out! Total cost was $19.00 for both sets, and we were able to create many different arrangements - again, all depending on what you are looking for! These are just adorning our houses as fall decor now 😉

The secret to creating these arrangements: Try to find 2-3 coordinating bunches. These can be bunches that contain a variety of items, greenery OR only include one type of flower. Combining these coordinating sets strategically will give you the custom look you would typically get from a florist and can save you hundreds of dollars, dependent upon what exactly you are going for. We like to create one large arrangement for our parties and then create a few more smaller bouquets to fill in our tables, etc. This typically costs us approximately $80 each total for the flowers - it's a no-brainer!!

A floral arrangement decorating a beverage station at a party. The floral arrangement is yellow, pink and orange roses with green filler in a glass vase. The arrangement is sitting next to a bottle of champagne and champagne glasses

Here are a few easy steps you can follow to create your own:

  1. Decide on key colors and elements to accompany your theme

  2. Visit local grocery stores and roadside stands to check for available flowers that match your selected theme

  3. Pick out your vases - these can be absolutely ANYTHING... Mason jars, bowls, miscellaneous glassware, etc.

  4. Fill your vases about halfway with water (unless you are creating a dry arrangement)

  5. Now it's time to add the flowers. We like to start with the largest flowers (or most bulky). One stem at a time, trim each down to match the height you are going for. Try placing slightly taller stems in the middle and shorter towards the outside of the vase. This will allow all of your flowers to be seen easily.

  6. Once your larger flowers are in place, add in any smaller items or greenery, twigs, branches, wheat, etc. These items will certainly dress up any arrangement. Get creative!! Disassemble and reassemble until you are happy with the display!

  7. Wow your guests when they find out you created these arrangements yourself!

A rustic fall floral arrangement with white hydrangea's, white pumpkins, sticks and cattails all arranged in a wooden box.

Have you ever made your own floral arrangements? Tell us your favorite go-to flowers in the comments below!

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