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We are always looking for affordable and easy ways to decorate our birthday parties and gatherings. These decorative plate walls check both of those boxes and can really add a wow factor to your shindig!

If you’ve been following along with us, you know that we love to have a focal point of any party we throw. For us, this usually consists of one wall or area of the party that is decorated using matching themed items in an area of the gathering space that will be easily seen from all party or gathering guests. It’s no secret that fully decorating even a small focal point or space can get very pricey. These areas usually include balloons, streamers, hanging backdrop, etc. For that reason we wanted to show you a SUPER EASY way to decorate these spaces: decorative plate walls!


Paper plates are simply hung on the wall with tape in any pattern or shape to create a visually interesting space at an event or gathering. Get creative when hanging these bad boys! We tried a few different options to give you some ideas below. Some are hung in alternating rows, some in circle patterns and some that are hung randomly depending on how they best fit together!

Red and black gingham, brown bear and green mountain plates arranged on a wall for a party background

One of the best things about this idea is that it can be very easily themed for your party. We were able to find some absolutely adorable plates that we fell in love with instantly :) but plate walls can also be created with solid color plates and no variation needed! Need an example? Check out the plate wall we created for our Grinch Breakfast back in December. All solid green plates were used with some added red heart accents to match the Grinch theme! The red hearts were hand cut out of red construction paper - simple and cost almost nothing to create, but really took that breakfast to the next level!


This is the best part…the decorative plate wall is PERFECT for absolutely any type of event. Birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, graduation parties, etc. Simply find some plates that match the colors or party theme and start creating! We love the idea of creating a graduation party plate wall using the the graduates school colors!


The good news here is that paper plates are not very heavy, so heavy duty tape is not necessary. The plates hang pretty well with typical scotch tape. However, We did run into a few instances of the tape peeling the paint off of our walls when we removed it. Some alternatives you can try: painters tape or gaff tape. Never heard of gaff tape? We didn’t either until just recently!! Gaff tape is specifically created to be easily removed without damaging surfaces or leaving residue behind.


Paper plates can be used for SO much more than eating food from! Because they can easily be cut, you can get creative and use them for other items at your party. Check out a few ideas below:

  • Cupcake Toppers We used a 3” circle punch to cut circle out of the plates, then topped our cupcakes with the circles! Make sure to line up your die cut with an interesting part of the plate for the best results!

  • Name Tags Handing out party favors at your gathering? Use a die cut (like mentioned above) or just hand cut out shapes. Then, punch a hole in your cutout and tie it to a bag or party favor. Write the name of each guest on your tag and BOOM, a tag themed perfectly for your party.

  • Drink Coasters Use a 4” circle punch, or cut out 4” square shapes for your guests to use as drink coasters throughout the party. Just a quick note that this would work the best for coated plates (ones that have a shine to them) so the drinks don’t sweat right through the coaster :)

multiple style party plates arranged on wall for background with cupcakes sitting in front of them

Check out a few examples of the plate walls we created below!



This plate wall was created using alternating cloud and rainbow plates in vertical rows. Simply start with one plate, then hang the second plate and continue the pattern. Make sure to start your next row with the second plate so that the same plate isn’t placed directly beside each other as you go!

grey wall with rainbow plate and cloud plate arranged for affordable easy backdrop
Shop this wall: Cloud Plate, Rainbow Plate


Since there were three plates used for this one, we used the same alternating idea mentioned above, but alternated between the 3 instead of 2. Definitely gave this wall a super unique look!

gingham, brown bear and green mountain plates as background to vanilla cupcake with gingham topper
Shop this wall: Mountain Plates, Bear Plates, Buffalo Plaid Plates


We approached this one a bit differently by placing one plate in the middle of the wall and then circling around that one until the wall was filled!

yellow plates arranged on gray wall
Shop this wall: Lemon Plates, Polka Dot Plates, Yellow Plates


How fun are these hexagon shapes?! We started this one by placing on plate near the center of the wall and then adding more around that one where we felt they best fit. We had fun adding in the plates with the bees randomly to add some nice visual balance.

hexagon plates in yellow and bee themed arranged on a wall for a party backdrop
Shop this wall: Hexagon Plates, Honeycomb Plates


These plates were placed in vertical lines, but we decided to use one kind of plate for each line. This one was probably the easiest to pull off! We love that there really is no wrong way to do these!

space themed party plates as backdrop to vanilla cupcake with paper plate topper
Shop this wall: Galaxy Plate, Rocket Plate


The ice cream cones were placed in a similar pattern to how we created the bear wall above. The unique shape of these plates and complimenting colors really give it fun eye appeal!

easy ice cream paper plate backdrop for party
Shop this wall: Ice Cream Plates

Have a space at your upcoming event or party that feels a little empty and needs some visual interest? Take our advice and give this plate wall idea a try! We would love to see what you come up with - tag us in your posts on Instagram!!

multiple themed party plates arranged on gray wall to show easy background idea for a party

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