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Updated: Dec 14, 2021

With so much going on over the holidays, it is easy to get overwhelmed and lose sight of the purpose of the season. No matter your beliefs when you get down to it, it's about family and making lasting memories. Spend less time worrying and stressing about all that needs to get done and more time enjoying your family!

So we thought we would help you cross some gifts off your list with easy, inexpensive options that just about every lady on your list would love!



This homemade sugar scrub not only looks cute, but smells delightful and is super easy and affordable to make!

With a few simple ingredients you can make a batch of this sugar scrub: you need an oil- we like fractionated coconut oil, sugar, and an oil extract for scent (we decided on peppermint), we also added a drop or two of coloring to highlight the season and make it festive.

Most of the ingredients can be found at the grocery store depending on where you are shopping. We found the Coconut oil, 8oz. wide mouth jars as well as the bakers twine on Amazon, but all other items were found at Target.


  • 1/2 cup coconut oil

  • 1 1/2 -2 cups sugar

  • 1 tablespoon peppermint extract

  • 1 drop food coloring


  1. Place Coconut Oil in a bowl.

  2. Start by adding 1 1/2 cups sugar to the oil, along with your scent and coloring. Mix until ingredients are well combined. If mixture is too wet, add another 1/2 cup of sugar until scrub is at a consistency of your liking.

  3. Spoon scrub into an air-tight container (we used 8oz. wide mouth mason jars) decorate with twine or ribbon.

  4. This will yield enough for about 3 jars

The red and white bakers twine added a fun holiday flair to the green scrub and was a perfect touch if using them as gifts!

This scrub is great for hands and feet but can be used all over the body. The ingredients are all natural and perfect for dry skin this time of the year!



The smells of the season are what give us all the feels! Whether you are baking cookies, decorating a freshly cut tree, lighting candles, all the scents transcend us to certain times in our lives! This DIY Christmas gift is so perfect for the season and so easy to create for any loved one. The memory and feelings from this gift will last a lifetime.

For this particular gift you can choose to contain all items in a sauce pot (roughly $20 gift) or a mason jar (roughly $5-7 gift). This particular featured gift was curated in a pretty pot that we got at TjMaxx for $12.99. Here is another beautiful stock pot that would work great!



  • Tie cinnamon sticks together with twine

  • Place items in pot in a neat arrangement

  • Wrap some ribbon around the full pot and tie in a bow at the top

  • Add a gift tag for an extra fun element :)


  • Place all ingredients in a pot

  • Add enough water to cover all ingredients

  • Place on stove over medium heat to simmer

Enjoy this easy beautiful gift that anyone will love, really anytime of the year. You can easily change any of the ingredients to create different fragrance mixes, making this a great customizable gift!



Dips are such an easy go to menu item for hosting or for providing an easy and affordable side to any gathering! Who doesn't love dip?! We assembled these three adorable mix ornaments complete with different dip mix options and directions for each one!

We love this idea because you can literally pull most of what you need from your spice rack and call it a day! However, we made sure to link everything you need, just in case! We purchased the fillable ornaments from the Target Dollar Spot 6 for $3 and printed our own direction tags for each bulb!

For each mix, we added all the dry ingredients into the Christmas bulb and gave it a good shake! The direction sheets contain a list of items your gift receiver will need to add to the mix in order to make the dip when they are ready!

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Dip Mix



  • Cream together all ingredients until well mixed! Makes a great dessert dip, served with fruit or cookies!

French Onion Dip Mix


  • Add all dry ingredients to sour cream and mix well.

  • Refrigerate for 30 minutes to 1 hour before serving! Goes great with chips, pretzels or veggies!

Italian Dip Mix


  • **NOTE** You will want to make sure you grind the ingredients together before adding to the ornament!

  • Add 1 tbsp. of dip mixture to a plate or bowl

  • Pour desired amount of EVOO over spices

  • Mix well - serve with warm bread!

You can assemble these in a cute little gift box or crate to make a wonderful gift for teachers, friends or family! To make this a more substantial gift, you can choose to add in the additional ingredients your gift receiver will need to make each dip or toss some wine to accompany the dips into a basket and call it a day!



We love gifting delicious mixed drinks almost as much as we like drinking them! Moscow mules are one of our favorites because of how simple they are to make AND we love that it's necessary to drink them out of beautiful copper cups :) Which is also why this gift is such a hit. We love the mix of the contrasting colors and textures in this basket - shiny copper, green of the limes, weaved basket and some weathered wood give this gift some serious character!

If you've followed us, you know that "open box" gift are a trend at Tuesday on Jasmine. It's always fun to present someone with a gift that is beautifully arranged and too pretty to wrap! Open box gifts are fun and easy to create - check out the steps below!



  • Add crinkle paper to bottom of basket

  • Arrange the items in the basket (we like to place the taller items in the back and shorter items in the front)

  • Tie fresh greens together with twine, add ornaments to twine and tie to the front of the basket

This gift is great for any cocktail lover on your list! You can easily modify this to allow for any drink or remove the alcohol to make a perfect teachers gift!



This gift will be a hit for whoever receives it! It is very easy to make and there are so many different ways you can customize it. Grab some pretty bottles, oil and any seasonings you have on hand.

You could use either fresh or dried herbs, we chose dried so we could keep the herbs in the bottle with the oil. If you keep fresh herbs in the oil they can grow bacteria, so you would need to make sure to use the oil in a few days. Since these are gifts we chose to go the safe route, plus the mix of herbs in the oil makes the bottles so pretty and interesting!


Italian Infused Oil

Garlic, Pepper and Chili Infused Oil

Parsley, Rosemary and Sage Infused Oil

TIP- don't used ground seasonings, choose whole instead!


  • clean your bottles

  • dry your bottles thoroughly any water that is left will separate when the oil is poured in

  • choose your mix of herbs and slightly muddle them to release oils then add the herbs to the bottle. (no need to use a lot of herbs, a little goes a long way but there's no wrong way, the more herbs the stronger the infused oil)

  • Heat the oil in a sauce pan over low, just until warm do not boil

  • using a funnel pour the warm oil into the bottle with the herbs

  • Seal the bottles and make them pretty enough to gift!

We went the simple route with our bottles, letting the herb mixture take center stage! Just some twine and cardstock paper for the label.

These oils are perfect for dipping, salads or topping on your eggs and veggies. This simple but beautiful gift is cost effective, quick and you more than likely have most of of what you need on hand! Not sold on the mixes we have created... choose any blend of herbs that speaks to you!


We hope these DIY budget gifts help you out in this season of giving! Whether you ran out of time and need a last minute gift or you want to give something that is handmade and comes from the heart, this list has you covered! Have you created any of these, comment below with how they were received.

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