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Here on Jasmine we are always looking for easy, budget-friendly ways to decorate our events and parties. One of our favorite go-to decorations are these DIY balloon arches. They can be customized to match any theme, add some 'wow' factor to you event and won't break the budget!

A balloon garland laying across a large kitchen island after being put together. The balloon arch has colors of gold, grey, peach and muted blue.

When it comes to balloon arches, you have a couple options - hire a balloon professional or create a DIY arch. We have used both options in the past, but when on a budget, creating these yourself is definitely the way to go! We promise these look intense but are SO simple to create. Check out the steps listed below to create one yourself.



There are tons of balloon arch kits available on Amazon. Simply search for the colors or theme of your party. If you can't find the exact color scheme you are looking for, you can always buy an arch kit that is close, then add additional balloons.

For example: for the balloon arch shown above we purchased this kit, then added in gold and silver balloons to achieve the look we were going for.



This step is not necessary, but we prefer to do it so that we can see how many of each color we have :) In most cases, the kits will provide more balloons than are actually needed - especially if you are adding additional colors, depending on the size arch you need.



There are 2 main ways to go about this step. In the past, all of the Jasmine ladies would gather, pour some wine and blow every balloon up by mouth. It is definitely possible, but we would be lying if we said it wasn't exhausting. Since this process took such a long time, we looked into some other options and found a super cute portable balloon the shape of a pig. Check him out below - how cute is he?! You simply put the balloon over the inflator area and press down. Once it's blown up to the size needed, you can pull it off and tie it.

TIP: Pay attention to the amount of each color you are inflating. In some cases, you may want the arch to be mostly one color. Typically, we like an even amount of each color included!

For this particular arch, we were going for a fall theme. Unfortunately, When we received some of our balloon colors, they were a little brighter than we had anticipated. To make them fit better with our theme, we stuffed each off-color balloon with a black balloon to make the colors a little warmer, when inflated. You can see the color difference in the photos below - right are original, left are the layered. Such a small thing, but made a HUGE difference in the tone!

When you are done inflating, you will have a HUGE pile of balloons that are ready to be attached to create the arch! These are usually just gathered in one room of our house so we can easily grab them for the next step!

A large pile of blown up balloons gathered together on the floor. The balloons are gold, grey, peach and blue.



Each balloon kit comes with a roll of balloon arch strip tape. We like to stretch this out across a flat surface so we can easily attach the balloons. For us, that usually means our 8' island. We tape the strip to our island, keeping a good amount of slack in the strip, to allow space for the balloons to be added.

Each balloon will attach to the tape strip by placing the tied area into the holes. Once pulled through, you will then slide the tied area across into the smaller hole. See the image below!

We prefer to start with our largest balloons. In this case, there were 2 HUGE gold balloons included. We attached those first and spaced them out so there would be two large clusters with the rest of the balloons in between.

2 large gold balloons attached to a balloon garland tape strip on opposite sides.

For this arch, we wanted to cluster together some of the colors and create a bit of a pattern. We next added some smaller gold balloons around the larger gold. Then, moved onto the rest of the colors and continued to go in order to make the pattern.

You will continue to add balloons until you are satisfied with the length of the arch and fullness. Once finished you are ready to hang! Depending on placement, we have hung these with command hooks, twine, tape, etc. Check out the finished arch and party placement below and let us know if you create one of these in the comments below!!

The finished balloon arch hung from the trees at a Favorite Things party with blue, grey, peach and gold balloons.

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