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Here on Jasmine we LOVE throwing gatherings and events. We are obsessed with all the planning details, however we also feel that a party should be easy and stress-free. THIS is the reason we immediately fell in love with Boxx My Party an easy and convenient option for throwing a celebration…with the absolute cutest, on-trend themes we’ve ever seen! We are so excited to share this amazing DinoSAUR themed party and Boxx!!!

A Dinosaur themed birthday party with a blue and green balloon arch, a happy birthday banner, dinosaur paper hats and cupcakes.

It’s no secret that most of our children are girls here on Jasmine: 3 boys and 7 little ladies :) You will mostly see girl themed parties popping up here on the blog (unicorn, donuts, princesses, etc.) so when we get a chance to plan a boy themed party we are HERE for it! The second we spotted this DinoSAUR themed Boxx…we knew we needed to find a celebration to use it and a solid bonus that it can be used for either a girl OR boy party! Seriously, some of our girls would love to have a Dino party!

Let’s chat first about the Boxx My Party company! First of all, we are always here to support a woman owned business - woot woot girl power! The founder, Traci Lipple, is a mom of 3 and knows how exhausting and time consuming it can be to plan birthday parties. A quote straight from the owner herself: “My goal was to create one-of-a-kind kids birthday party kits for the time strapped, modern mama and papa. Boxx My Party provides themed Boxxes complete with all the décor, table essentials and DIY Fun required for 8 little guests to have the best time ever.”

Even from the moment of receiving our box in the mail, the whole experience was absolutely awesome. Our package came secured with Boxx My Party tape, so the moment it dropped on our doorstep we ran out to see what was inside! Once opened, the contents were wrapped in matching tissue paper that was closed with a Boxx My Party sticker. I don’t know if we are the only ones, but man, when I get any package from a company that is hand-sealed with a sticker….we love it! What a great personal touch :) Pulling each item out of the package was an event all on it’s own. Here’s everything that came inside:


  • (1) Birthday dino banner (60 in) with numbers/letters included

  • (1) Dino garland, 90 inches, 15 pennants of cut out dinosaurs

  • (12) cupcake topper and wrappers

  • (1) Tropical palm leaf blue garland (8.5 ft)

  • (8) Tropical leaves for varying sizes for wall and table décor

  • (1) Pack of removable wall putty


  • (8) 9-inch dinosaur paper plates

  • (8) 7-inch pool plates

  • (8) dinosaur paper cups

  • (16) Tropical palm lunch napkins with 6-inch twine wrap (DIY)

  • (10) Set of Birchwood cutlery forks and spoons


  • (8) Party dino masks

  • (12) Dinosaur DIY hats with 2 colors

  • (8) Dinosaur suncatcher kit activity

Seriously…how amazing that these boxes come with decor, table essentials, activities, AND party favors?! We had to purchase only a few extra items to complete this party: snacks, cupcakes, and a balloon arch (because us Jasmine ladies always like a good balloon arch for our celebrations 😊). That’s it! SO easy! One of the ladies on our block ended up having some dinosaur figures she used years ago at one of her son’s birthday parties! They ended up matching perfectly….but definitely not necessary for the party. However, this is something we always encourage….dig in old toy bins, pull leftover decor, borrow from friends, etc! These items always help to fill in open areas and make the party feel more complete!


We want to break down a few of our FAVORITE ITEMS that came from Boxx My Party….


How cute is this garland? We used this to hang under our balloon arch and fill in the open area above the cupcake table. Not only did it look great hanging, but we didn’t need the whole length provided (90 inches), so we removed a few of the Dinos from the ends of the garland (super easy to remove) and spread them throughout the party! Some of our uses: taped to the front of favor boxes, created a sign to fill a shelf, and scattered the rest on tabletops! Talk about a bang for your buck!


The color and quality of these plates were perfect. They were so modern and unique compared to other brands we have used in the past. This made us curious about where Boxx My Party sources their items from….Here’s what the website has to say: “My team takes pride in curating beautiful, quality and modern products from conscious companies that you will love just as much as your Littles do. We spend countless hours seeking brands from all over the world so that you don’t have to. We love teaming up with Etsy shop owners, homemakers and small businesses to find the most innovative, creative DIY activities and customizing them for our themed Boxxes.”. We love that by supporting this small business we are also supporting other small businesses :) What a win! But seriously, check out the modern/clean edge on those plates 😍


Some of our kids are getting to an age where they are “too cool” to dress up, etc. However, we were so surprised when they ALL participated in wearing these fun Dino masks! These came in 4 unique dinosaur shapes and colors, which turned into an activity on its own while the kids spent time deciding which was their favorite. The photos we snapped while the kids wore these created some great keepsake memories that will last forever!


What a blast the kids had with this one AND were able to take home a beautiful, handmade suncatcher as a party favor! We loved that this activity filled a fair amount of party time, kept the kids fully entertained, and provided a super creative activity. There were a few steps involved with this one, but came with super easy step by step instructions that walked up through everything. Definitely a party highlight! Check out their creations below:


If your kids aren’t a fan of Dinosaurs, we suggest visiting the Boxx My Party website to peruse the other unique party themes they have to offer. Here are the current available themes:

  • Magic Boxx

  • Butterflies and Faries Boxx

  • Sloth Boxx

  • Unicorn Boxx

  • Monster Boxx

  • Enchanted Garden Boxx

  • Rainbow Boxx

  • Artzy Party Boxx


Definitely something for all of your littles and their varying interests! We couldn’t be more pleased with our Boxx My Party experience: easy, unique and inexpensive….What more could we ask for?! We have no doubt that this will save all the busy Mamas like us time AND stress! We are also pleased to offer a 15% discount on your first BOXX using code Jasmine15!

A dinosaur themed birthday party with a green and blue balloon arch hung above a table that is holding cupcakes with dinosaur cupcake toppers, paper dinosaur hats. A happy birthday banner is hung below the balloon arch.

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