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Extravagant and expensive is not always the answer! Your best girlfriends, drinks and apps on your back porch is just as fun as a night on the town! Toss in some coordinated colors and bright florals and you have yourself a backyard party!

The perfect summer party set up, a dining table on a back deck. With white and gold party décor used to give the summer cocktail party a classy feel, with gold chairs and gold place settings, a white table cloth and gold and white paper lanterns and balloons. With florals in pink, orange and yellow and the perfect pop of color.

We wanted to throw a small but extravagant party to celebrate the birthday of one of our Jasmine ladies! We knew we wanted to keep the guest list small, with only her closest friends, but wanted the decorations to make a serious impact. Golds, pinks and corals were used to liven up the party vibes and give us all the summer feels :)

To help with the elegant feel, we rented an 8' table and 8 gold chairs to help set the theme. We also used one of our favorite tablecloths - you will see this one popping up in a few of our posts! It's so versatile, but also makes a big impact on the parties with so much added texture and detail! You can find it HERE!

THe party's dinner table set up on the back deck.  With colors of white and gold being the party's main colors which are used in the table cloth, chairs and place settings. With pop's of pink, orange and yellow used in the floral party décor to give the party a summer theme.

Next up were the flowers. We were on a budget for this one, but wanted the flowers to still have a professional feel, so we swung into out local Wegmans grocery store! If you haven't had the pleasure of visiting a Wegmans...let us just tell is amazing (a story for another post) HAHA. BUT they have a pretty large floral section with tons of great options. We picked out a few of the birthday girls favorite colors and couldn't resist these beautiful roses. Check out the photo below during our shopping trip VS. the final pieces we pulled together for the centerpieces and vases!

If you are on a budget (lets be honest, who isn't!) this is the way to go. We purchased all of the roses above, plus 5 packs of extra filler greenery for about $80. This ended up making one large centerpiece, three smaller vases, three mini vases, and a bunch of single stem vases that we used as fillers throughout the party!

We are definitely not florists, but we enjoyed giving it a try for this one and we are pretty proud of the result! We grabbed some mason jars, leftover vases and anything else we had on hand and started going to town with a mixture of the flower colors and greenery. Fun fact: for the main centerpiece we used a glass trifle bowl as a vase, since we didn't have another vase that would give us the width needed for the wow-factor we were looking for! Stay tuned for a post on exactly how we created these - we promise it's so easy!

an overhead view of the party table with a bouquet of roses in the party colors of pink, orange and yellow to give a summer feel. The rest of the party décor was done in soft golds and white to give this summer party a classic feel.

Who doesn't love some delicious drink options?! After we surprised the birthday girl and showed her all of the party details, we toasted to her birthday out on the deck with some chilled champagne! This was a great way to get everyone in the party mood and to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the guest of honor!

As a signature drink for the party we mixed up a White Elderflower Cosmopolitan for each guest. These were a huge hit! Nice and strong with a little bit of sweetness. We then added a gold rock candy stick to each glass for a fun added detail that the guests loved. Keep an eye out for an upcoming post on how to make these - you HAVE to try them!

Since we were having a smaller, elegant gathering, we decided on some light appetizers instead of a heavy dinner. Check out the menu below:

  • Mozzarella and tomato skewers

  • Strawberry spinach salad

  • Goat cheese and beet bruchetta

  • Charcuterie board

  • Assorted mini quiches

We didn't want to buy or create a typical cake for this event, so we made these super cute dessert jars! This is something you can do easily, we promise. Start with mini mason jars and then layer cake, icing, then more cake, then more icing :) The fresh strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese icing was so delightful and came from Lil Luna. We topped each jar with some sprinkles that matched the party theme - SO pretty!! The result was fun to display and also super delicious!

individual mini mason jar desserts filled with strawberry cake, cream cheese icing and topped with gold and white sprinkles

This was such a fun summer night with our closest friends + some good drinks and food. We can't wait to plan our next backyard summer party and we would love to see photos of the backyard parties you have hosted! Send us pictures!! Cheers!

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