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Updated: May 8, 2021

Who says you can't play with your food? We love to soak up the sunshine while sharing a beverage and watching the kids play outside!

Flutes of champagne topped with cotton candy

A fun, festive and colorful way to enhance your typical champagne toast, is to add some cotton candy! When dropping the cotton candy into the champagne it dissolves and changes your drink colors without making it unbearably sweet.

We found Charms Cotton Candy at Target over Easter time and fell in love with the tricolor blend sitting on top of the glasses! Don't these look extra dramatic and beautiful in a stemmed champagne glass?! Sometimes it's fun to feel a little extra boujie - even if we are sitting in our driveway drinking these while watching the kids play :)



  • Pour the champagne of choice into a pretty glass

  • Add a little ball of cotton candy to the top of the glass (You will have to judge the sizing of this based on the glass you are using. Make sure it's slightly bigger than the top of your glass - so it doesn't fall right in. We like to have a mix of all 3 colors in each cotton candy ball.)

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